LEGO Fortnite gameplay trailer breakdown: Crafting, vehicles, combat, and more

LEGO Fortnite gameplay trailer breakdown: Crafting, vehicles, combat, and more
The new gameplay trailer showcases all the new features coming to LEGO Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

The LEGO Fortnite collaboration is gearing up to be an in-game adventure like no other. The newly released gameplay trailer provides players an exciting glimpse into what the mode will bring to the collaboration. With iconic skins from the title transformed into LEGO figures, the trailer showcases multiple upcoming features that promise to redefine the Fortnite experience.

The trailer kicks off with familiar skins from the game, like Brite Bomber, Raven, Fishstick, and Cuddle Team Leader, reimagined as LEGO characters looking over the vast open world of the game mode. This charming introduction sets the tone for the multitude of features set to come to the game mode, from building and crafting to exploration and combat.

New LEGO Fortnite gameplay trailer puts the game mode's mechanics front and center

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A standout feature highlighted in the trailer is the ability for players to farm materials directly from environmental objects, including rocks and trees. This mechanic of resource gathering stays true to the core of Fortnite gameplay.

On top of this, players can unleash their creativity by building structures, farms, and other settlements with the use of LEGO blocks. Players will also be able to build and travel using vehicles, as showcased by a four-propeller aircraft in the trailer.

The clip also showcased a dynamic combat system for the new game mode, complete with a dodge roll mechanic that adds a strategic element to engagements. The game mode will allow players to battle against wildlife, including wolves and other creatures roaming the open world.

Additionally, LEGO Fortnite game mode will expand the exploration aspect with the introduction of dungeons and mines for players to delve into. This adds depth to the gameplay and allows players to discover secrets within the game mode during their adventures.

The new mode will also have a day and night cycle, with the trailer showcasing some skull-based enemies that will reportedly emerge for players to fight in the nighttime.

LEGO Fortnite will also include a wide array of weapons for players to use, including swords, shields, and bows with arrows. This will allow players to explore diverse combat opportunities. The trailer also showcases the introduction of crafting mechanics in the sandbox game mode, letting players create and use elements like dynamite.

The new gameplay trailer for the LEGO collaboration offers an exciting glimpse into the sandbox environment that awaits players. It merges the blocky characters of LEGO with the dynamic and vibrant world of the game.

The collaboration promises charming LEGO-fied versions of iconic characters and innovative gameplay features like open-world exploration. Players are due to get a fresh and engaging experience for players worldwide.

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