Fortnite x LEGO rumored collaboration to feature an open world

Fortnite x LEGO collaboration will likely go live in Chapter 5 (Image via Twitter/WarheadWarlord)
Fortnite x LEGO collaboration will likely go live in Chapter 5 (Image via Twitter/WarheadWarlord)

New information regarding the Fortnite x LEGO collaboration has come to light. According to several well-known leakers/data-miners, a "random terrain generation" system is being developed for the crossover. Based on the information at hand, this should function similarly to world seeds in Minecraft. This will come into play when creating a new world, but that's not all that's being worked on.

The collaboration seemingly also has an Overworld, Guided Guilding, Combat Levels, and much more. It's safe to assume that what was once considered a simple collaboration, is something far more complex than previously thought.

Some have even considered the possibility of this being an open-world collaboration of sorts. Since Fortnite's Omniverse is vast, this may be one of the billions of realities that exist within it. Although this is a bit far-fetched, there is some information to support this theory.

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Fortnite x LEGO could be an open-world project

The idea of having an open-world in Fortnite is not as outlandish as many would believe. While there are some limitations with the UEFN in terms of memory capacity, these are temporary issues. As such, the idea of Fortnite x LEGO worlds within the game's Metaverse is seemingly slowly becoming a reality.

Based on the information at hand, users will be able to create entire worlds, view other worlds, join worlds, and even update them. It would seem that LEGO is not just a mere crossover, but a new way to create within Fortnite's ecosystem.

There will be Llama NPCs, Ship Cannons, Mood Reactions, Custom Lego Characters, Water Physics, and Enemies - the list goes on. While most of this has no pictorial representation, the tags are within the game's files and should go live in Chapter 5.

Since this will be the next major phase of the storyline, it makes sense for Epic Games to implement this update then. However, it should be noted that this does not mean the map in Chapter 5 will be LEGO-themed.

Thanks to the recent Chapter 5 map leak, this speculation can be put to rest, but it does open up doors to numerous questions such as: "Will the Fortnite x LEGO collaboration feature a Battle Pass?" and "Will there be a Fortnite x LEGO racing mode?"

Chapter 5 Battle Pass and Del Mar

With Chapter 5 coming up in just under a month's time, leaks regarding the Battle Pass should begin to surface soon enough. There is talk of having a potential collaboration with Doctor Who, but it may be delayed until 2024. Sadly, there is nothing to indicate a LEGO Battle Pass.

Moving on "Del Mar," better known as the Racing Mode, according to the information at hand, it will feature cars and take inspiration from Rocket League. As such, while LEGO will be collaborating with Epic Games, it is too soon to say if it will have an impact on the racing mode.

Either way, given that Epic Games has been working with LEGO since late 2022 or perhaps even earlier, there is a lot riding on this collaborative effort. The only thing that remains to be seen is what the developers have in mind. With the Metaverse being infinite, the possibilities are also unlimited.

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