Fortnite Ariana Grande skin: Expected release date, concepts, pricing and everything we know so far

Ariana Grande in Fortnite. Image via Sportskeeda
Ariana Grande in Fortnite. Image via Sportskeeda

According to leaks, Fortnite may be gearing up for another huge live concert. Beginning with Travis Scott's Fortnite concert back in April of 2020, live concerts became a bit more prominent.

Fortnite seems to be planning a sequel to what was one of their most popular live events ever. According to dataminer HYPEX, an Ariana Grande concert is coming soon, among some other huge additions.

Naturally, with the addition of a live concert, Ariana Grande will get an accompanying skin much like Travis Scott did. She will likely get other related cosmetics too as well as some skin variations.

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Details are emerging about the skin, including the date, price and more. Here's everything we know about Ariana Grande's Fortnite entrance.

Ariana Grande in Fortnite

Fortnite content creator Ali-A theorized that with the recent addition of Pride cosmetics, the Rainbow Royale and Ariana Grande concert may be related. Grande is performing at a Pride event in August. The dates may align.

Given the August date set for the Manchester Pride event, it is possible that early August, which is right around the corner, could see the live event and the addition of the Ariana Grande skin.

The date is unclear, but leaks suggest the event could be this season, which only has a month or so left. The likelihood that the event will happen during then and the skin will be released is very high.

Fortnite Rainbow Royale. Image via Hypebeast
Fortnite Rainbow Royale. Image via Hypebeast

As for the price, the Ariana Grande skin will probably be part of the Icon Series. It will also mirror what happened with the Travis Scott skin. If that's the case, and it likely is, then the skin will be 1,500 V-Bucks. 2,000 is highly unlikely as they have shied away from pricing skins too high, recently.

Travis Scott skin. Image via The Guardian
Travis Scott skin. Image via The Guardian

Details surrounding the Ariana Grande event are scarce so far, as Fortnite seems intent on keeping everything under the wraps. Still, the clock is ticking on Season 7, so the countdown is likely on.

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