Should players expect an Ariana Grande Fortnite skin anytime soon?

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Lately, Fortnite has included several big icon figures into the game from various areas of the world to collaborate with their respective genres. Figures like Lebron James from the NBA and Bugha, the Fortnite 2019 World Cup winner, recently received skins due to their success.

Ariana Grande might be the next star to hit Fortnite as Epic Games moved forward with the Pride event today that included the Rainbow Royale gear available for free.

The pop star is leading the charge for the Pride world by performing at the Manchester Pride event in August this year, hinting at a connection between her and Fortnite.

Fortnite may include Ariana Grande skin to pair with their Pride event

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Highly popular Fortnite streamer Ali-A made the connection between the game and a possible Ariana Grande appearance. While Epic Games hasn't confirmed or denied anything to this point, it's possible that they may move forward with her as an icon in the Pride community.

Concept artists have already started to create images of Ariana's skin in Fortnite, continuing the chain of leaks that support her arrival. Fans are stating that they are in love with the concept art and that it perfectly displays her support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Like other music artists, such as Travis Scott, a concert will likely follow her appearance that will display her music and updated sound tracks.

Fortnite has seen some great success with music artists who've collaborated with Epic Games, the most recent being Easy Life, who performed at the O2 creative arena for players to explore and test out.

With Ariana's hinted appearance, other music celebrities may also follow in her footsteps, increasing the Icon Series skin pool after Fortnite has incorporated several in the past few months. Her inclusion will be another feather in Fortnite's cap as a plethora of superstars have already graced the game.

If Ariana Grande comes to the game, she will join a list of esteemed individuals including Harry Kane, LeBron James, and use the platform to increase awareness for the Pride events that Fortnite is bringing up.

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