How to claim free Pride Cosmetics in Fortnite Season 7: Free emote, weapon wrap, spray and more


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To coordinate with the Pride community, Fortnite has just released a series of cosmetics to celebrate LGBTQ+ players and give them their own unique style in the game. Anyone who wishes to represent and show their pride for the community can now strut their stuff with a splash of color and joy.

The 17.20 update came through Fortnite with a wave of new content after the Epic Games team took their summer break and returned with big plans. Though Pride month took place in June, the developers pushed out their collaboration and support for the community with this fresh set of Footlocker items.

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Where to grab Fortnite's Pride accessories in the 17.20 update

Thankfully for players, Pride cosmetics are free for anyone to pick up at their leisure. They should currently be available in the shop for those who wish to decorate themselves in as many rainbows as possible.

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

The Rainbow Royale will have its very own section in the Fortnite shop, separate from everything else so that players don't miss the opportunity. From the looks of Hypex's Twitter post, the Rainbow Royale section may only last for 10 hours today, so be sure to stop by to claim them will they're available.

This section will include the Take A 'Bow emote, resembling a rainbow over a player's head, along with 4 Vibrant sprays in various shapes and figures that all carry the rainbow colors through them. In addition, the in-game store will also include a unique weapon wrap that will continue the theme.

It's uncertain if these items will remain free forever, but they'll likely be accessible until the timer refreshes at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Fortnite's Rainbow Royale section will precede Bugha's Icon Series skin that he will receive for winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. Epic Games dropped back into the groove of things with several big releases, and they're likely to continue the pace as Season 7 plays out.

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