When is Lebron James coming to Fortnite: Release date, King Bling quests, and more

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has big plans in store for fans as Lebron James will hit the game as its next Icon Series skin. The Space Jam reboot launches later in July and features the NBA superstar, explaining why Fortnite decided to bring him into the game.

The Icon Series has produced multiple high-popularity skins, and they typically stay in the limelight for a good while after their release. Famous athletes like Harry Kane received an Icon Series skin in Fortnite, so Lebron James will make the perfect addition.

Lebron James dunks into Fortnite with a series of King Bling quests

Since the sequel to the 1996 film Space Jam will be released on July 16th 2021, Fortnite players can expect the Lebron James skin to follow soon after. Fortnite is known for dishing out skins that correlate with big movie titles, such as the Marvel universe, and several leaks hint at his arrival in July.

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Epic games will also likely reveal teasers closer to James' release date to heighten the excitement even more. To compliment his skin, Fortnite will also include a quest/challenge line for players to partake in.


The King Bling quests will reward players who complete them, and more information on what they are will likely be included in the 17.20 update. As part of the reward, Lebron James and his accessories will fill in with gold as Fortnite players progress further through the chain.

As an added measure, players will have the option of customizing the Lebron James skin with a slider to select the amount of gold in his appearance. Like the King Bling bundle suggests, a full set of cosmetics may come with his skin, such as a glider, Back Bling, and others.

Fortnite has collaborated with the NBA before in its crossover era, but the Lebron James Icon Series skin stands away from it and focuses on one skin/person. And though Season 7 crashed in with the alien invasion, the Lebron James Icon Series skin has already excited many players.

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