Fortnite downtime today (September 12): When will servers be back up?

Wendell can
Wendell can't wait for the Fortnite downtime for update v26.10 to end (Image via Twitter/kribeLovesAxo)

The Fortnite downtime for update v26.10 will start at 4 am Eastern Time today (September 12, 2023). This is the first major update for Chapter 4 Season 4. While there's not much that can be expected from it given that it is the first update of the season, it will add a few things to the game. According to leakers/data-miners, a new weapon and healing item will be added to the loot pool.

Now, as always, servers will be taken offline prior to the downtime starting. This will occur at 3:30 am Eastern Time. This means that matchmaking will be disabled across all game modes (Save The World and Battle Royale). For those in the Battle Royale mode, while losing out on progress will not have repercussions, those in Save The World mode should consider logging out by 3:15 am Eastern Time.

How long will the Fortnite downtime last today (September 12)?

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Given that this is the first major update for Chapter 4 Season 4, the downtime should not take that long. Given that not much is being added in, this is a regular maintenance check at most. That said, the servers should be up and running by 6 am Eastern time. Nevertheless, if the developers need a bit more time to get things up and running, it may stretch to 6:30 am Eastern Time at most.

Keep in mind that although the servers will be up before Epic Games can make the official announcement, it's always good to wait for the same. Since players tend to overload the servers as they come back on, jumping into a match headfirst may not be the best idea.

There is a strong chance that players will experience long queue times and server lag. Given the number of concurrent players this season, it's a smart idea to wait a while and let things normalize after the Fortnite update v26.10 goes live.

Fixes and content changes for Fortnite update v26.10

Based on the cryptic tweet made by Epic Games, the "Brrrr...," may refer to a collaboration with Mortal Kombat 1 and feature a Sub Zero Outfit. With the game releasing on September 19, 2023, it's the perfect time for a collaboration.

It could also refer to the second collaboration with My Hero Academia that will feature Shoto Todoroki. Given his quirk, this makes a lot of sense. Lastly, with an eclipse due anytime soon, the "Brrrr...," may also indicate that temperatures will drop soon on the island. It's left to be seen what happens.

Aside from potential collaborations, new Snapshot Quests featuring Piper Pace will be added to the game alongside new Weekly Challenges. Super Styles will also be added alongside new Reality Augments. Lastly, there will be a few bug fixes as well that Epic Games will implement in the Fortnite update v26.10.

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