Fortnite Halloween Celebrations (2021): Skins, leaks, rewards, and more

More about the upcoming Fortnite Halloween Celebrations 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)
More about the upcoming Fortnite Halloween Celebrations 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)

The hype around Fortnite Halloween Celebrations 2021 is certainly increasing at a rapid pace. Developers have recently revealed the first trailer for the upcoming event, which will take place in the final week of this month.

Epic Games rolls out several events for Fortnite every year. Although minor events can lead to significant changes within the game, the Winter Celebration event for Christmas and the Fortnite Halloween Celebrations has remained constant.

The community always looks forward to these celebrations as they roll out special skins as well as fun events for players to enjoy. Obviously, they are expecting a similar pattern to be followed this year as well.

This article will address the details regarding Fortnite's Halloween Celebrations 2021 that have been revealed so far.

Fortnite Halloween Celebrations 2021: All that gamers need to know

Fortnite has entered the month of October and the spookiness factor is certainly on the rise. The end of this month will mark the return of the community's favorite Fortnite Halloween Celebrations to the island.

Epic Games recently dropped a short animated trailer regarding the upcoming event. The clip shows Peely, Boxer, and Cuddle Team Leader hanging out under a tree and anxiously waiting for something. The animation soon cuts away to the three iconic characters grooving to the Fright Funk music with a spooky and ominous landscape behind them.

September 30th ➡️ October 1st

This short trailer was more than enough to raise the sirens announcing the arrival of October and Fortnite's much awaited Halloween Celebrations 2021.

The event will surely bring some amazing spooky cosmetics to the Item Shop. As of now, there hasn't been any confirmation regarding any of these. However, since the trailer shows Peely and his associates, gamers can certainly expect the return of the Peely Bone, Boxer Scare Package, and the Spooky Team Leader outfit.

Apart from that, the Renegade Skull Trooper skin is expected to arrive in the game during the Halloween Celebrations event.

A NEW Renegade Skull Trooper Skin can be seen in the new Competitive image!Coming for this year's Fortnitemares 2021!

Some more exclusive skins are also expected to arrive in the game to add some more dark elements to the Fortnite Halloween Celebrations 2021. Unfortunately, data miners are yet to reveal any information regarding them. It is anticipated that these cosmetics will be revealed gradually as Epic wants to maintain the mystery around their upcoming event.

The water level at The Grotto has gone down slightly. #Fortnite(📸: @foxydude23)

According to the community, the water level at The Grotto has already begun to recede. We are still unsure but players are predicting that it could be completely drained before the Fortnite Halloween Celebrations 2021. It is also to be noted that this was the location of Brutus and the Henchman, implying they could possibly be making a return to the game as well.

The Fortnite Halloween Celebration 2021 will bring forth several rewards for gamers to claim in the game. However, gamers will be required to wait for Epic to release the official statement confirming the speculation.

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