Fortnite live event teases a new map and the return of an old anomaly

Ariana Grande during the Rift Tour live event (Image Credits: SweetRabbit)
Ariana Grande during the Rift Tour live event (Image Credits: SweetRabbit)
Michael A Daugherty

Fortnite's Rift Tour featuring Ariana Grande slammed into the game with several key appearances and leaks that data miners have already begun to uncover.

A teased feature from the past wove its way into Fortnite with a look into the game's future. This may lend some credit to other leaks surrounding the reveal.

The Cube may make another appearance in Fortnite's new map after it was drastically changed from Chapter 1. With the live event revealing more images of the Cube, other predictions for what lies in store for the game may follow suit shortly after Season 8's launch.

Fortnite's live event concert presents glimpses of the Cube that may act as the building blocks for Season 8

In a quick image of the whirling energy inside the live event, Hypex pointed out a clear depiction of the Cube sitting on the current map. The Cube's re-emergence has been hinted at towards the end of Season 7, but this may be the first concrete sign that it will make its return in the coming weeks.

Apparently, a character simply named the Queen will control the Cube with the start of Season 8, hurling utter chaos across the map. When the Cube was seen in Chapter 1, it created shockwaves in Fortnite's base game with its unique properties that affected shields and movement when players came too close.

With a solid sighting at Fortnite's concert during the live event, everything players suspected, such as the emergence of Queen and Naruto characters, may come to be true.

Fortnite is shifting all those theories into facts.

The craziness and chaos is just getting started for Fortnite as they've already teased players with a glimpse into the future.

With unprecedented excitement and thrill, concepts surrounding Season 8 and Chapter 3 could fall like dominos one after the other, paving the way for Epic Games's grand plans for Fortnite.

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