Fortnite Middle East & India players to suffer after Epic Games loses their servers

Epic Games to lose Middle East servers soon (Image via Sportskeeda)
Epic Games to lose Middle East servers soon (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite has been one of the leading battle royale games in the industry for over four years now. What makes the game so special is their broad fanbase from across the globe, as well as multiple matchmaking regions that allow players from each continent to play the entertaining game.

However, players from these regions have often faced Matchmaking or Login issues in the past that they addressed to Epic, and every time, the developers swiftly resolved these problems with fixes. However, there is still debate amongst the community to add more servers and issue the same stability in the ping that NA-East players experience.

While many players in the NA-East region enjoy Fortnite at an incredible 0 ping, players in other regions still struggle to receive the same server stability. With the launch of Chapter 3, just as things were starting to look smooth and stable, Epic dropped some disappointing news yesterday that disheartened players from one of these regions.

Fortnite Middle East & India players to suffer after Epic Games loses their servers

An important update on Fortnite Middle East Server performance.Details:

Yesterday, the official Fortnite Status Twitter account posted a shocking update that left players from the Middle East region in disbelief. The tweet was redirected to an official Fortnite blog on their website that explains the matter in detail.

FORTNITE MIDDLE EAST SERVER UPDATE"Starting on May 9, a networking option provided by one of our partners will be terminated. As a result, if you are playing on the Middle East, you might experience a high ping. We are exploring different options to solve this issue."

To sum it up, the networking option of Epic's partner in the Middle East region will be terminated starting May 9, 2022. Naturally, this would result in players from this region experiencing high ping issues. However, the company is already exploring other options for the Middle East servers to solve the issue.

Most probably Fortnite is terminating their partnership with Bahrain servers! Welcome back mumbai servers🥳 #fortnite #mumbai #middleastserver #MiddleEast #server Fingers crossed

Currently, Fortnite's Middle East servers are in Bahrain, through which every player who plays on the server, connects and experiences an average ping of 30 to 60 ms. However, players speculate that this announcement might be a blessing in disguise as Epic might bring back the Mumbai servers which were previously shifted to Bahrain back in 2019.

India and Pakistan have the most active playerbase that plays on the Middle East servers, but with an average ping delay of 60 ms. The revival of the Mumbai servers might add more players to the mix where they can experience 0 ms ping and rejoice in lag-free Fortnite once again.

@LittAlvi had a question Alvi, I live in Bangladesh i normally get 100 ping idk whats going on in the Bahrain Dubai server thingy we need to Mumbai servers tbh then everyone can play,Also Fortnite had a Sub Server setting which was stated will automatically connect to ur nearest server (1)

The other side of the player base discusses how, back in the OG days, the game had a sub server setting that allowed players to automatically connect to the nearest server. Players in Bangladesh struggle with a ping of 100 ms, which Asian servers usually offer as a minimum ping. However, while Epic is working on a fix, Middle East players are shifting to either Asian or European servers to play the game with bad ping, instead of choosing other servers based on their traffic and stability.

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