Fortnite mysterious IO leader 'Geno' could be revealed in Chapter 3 Season 2

Geno could be revealed soon (Image via xApplezz on YouTube)
Geno could be revealed soon (Image via xApplezz on YouTube)

Since Geno was first mentioned in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, a mystery has surrounded the character. He has been in the shadows for some time but has already developed quite the reputation. Gamers have long speculated on who it might be, why he's such a significant threat, and when he'll be revealed.

There's no indication of his role, but that may be changing soon. Chapter 3 Season 2 may give players a little bit of a clue about who this mysterious Geno is.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 might finally reveal who Geno is

Recently, many prominent characters have been making their in-game debuts. The Foundation returned and revealed his Dwayne Johnson-like face. Doctor Slone joined before that and revealed her role.

Many characters, the Foundation included, are looking for Geno (Image via Epic Games)
Many characters, the Foundation included, are looking for Geno (Image via Epic Games)

Other members of the Seven have become more and more of a part of the game, as have a few IO characters. Slowly but surely, the entire storyline is coming into focus.

The final few pieces still need to be brought to light, and Geno is one of the biggest. The theory is that Geno may be Origin, the founding member of the Seven (2:20 mark in the video).


The theory states that since Geno is so similar to Genesis, which means "the origin or mode of formation of something" (Oxford Languages), he could very well be Origin, which is synonymous with Genesis.

some fun facts:- geno is now spelled without the accent at the end! shown during the Chapter 2 end event.- geno comes from genesis, origin. it's very likely they're part of the seven, or once were.

The theory takes it a step further, saying that Geno (the man pictured with Slone in her office in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7) might be pretty powerful. He might even be capable of harnessing the Zero Point.

@gameshed_ @timelessorder But wouldn't it also be sick if that dude in a suit also become some huge being once in control of the Zero Point. Like he is in human form or something

There's a lot of speculation regarding Geno, but with the storyline for Chapter 3 Season 2 taking shape, a reveal does seem likely.

The following season is set to feature a war between the IO and the Seven, so the leader of the IO (possibly Geno) could make an appearance.

This is all purely speculative, and Fortnite players should take this information with a grain of salt until something official is released.

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