Fortnite player reaches Level 2000 in Chapter 2 Season 8, breaks his own world record

LootStationYT reaches level 2000 in Fortnite (Image via LootStationYT/Twitter)
LootStationYT reaches level 2000 in Fortnite (Image via LootStationYT/Twitter)

LootStationYT has recently become the second Fortnite player to reach level 1000. However, he achieved that impressive feat only to break his own record a few days later. In the latest news, LootStation has set a new world record by reaching level 2000.

Reaching level 1000 itself was a massive achievement. So when LootStation shared an image of him reaching level 2000 in Fortnite, players were certainly in awe. He also did not resort to any cheats or the new infamous Creative Mode XP glitch to achieve this feat.

To be fair, reaching level 2000 in Fortnite was not as difficult for LootStationYT as it was to reach level 1000. In a previous video, he displayed how a visual bug made him level up by getting any amount of XP.


How did LootStationYT reach level 2000 in Fortnite?

After RAGES REVENGE reached level 1000 in Fortnite, many players wondered what happened after. LootStation happily quenched that thirst by making a video after he achieved a similar feat. In the video, one could see that even searching foraged items earned him a level due to a visual bug.

While this might sound easy, it certainly isn't. LootStationYT only had a single game to reach level 2000 in Fortnite. This is because his levels get reset every time he finishes a game. In fact, in the lobby, his level progression shows level X/1001.

Naturally, even with the visual glitch, reaching level 2000 in Fortnite is certainly a commendable task. LootStationYT is able to show players everything they can do after reaching level 1000, and it seems like a lot of fun.

Fortnite should add more things after level 1000

It makes sense to end level progression at level 1000 since no Fortnite player had previously reached such a milestone. However, now that RAGES REVENGE and LootStationYT have shown that this indeed is possible, there might be more players in the future who would end up grinding for level 1000.

Clearly, in order to incentivize such a grind, Epic Games needs to add more rewards for players who reach level 1000 in Fortnite. If more and more players reach the mark, the developers can remove the visual bug and extend the level progression beyond level 1000 to allow players to set new records.

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