Fortnite players stare at long queue times as Chapter 3 Season 2 has millions trying to connect

Long queue times are making the players unhappy (Image via Epic Games)
Long queue times are making the players unhappy (Image via Epic Games)

It's been a while since the downtime ended, ushering us into Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. The new season is stacked with a ton of things and it now makes sense why Epic Games did not want to give any information away earlier. As Chapter 3 Season 2 is now available in its full glory, players are jumping back into the game to see what's changed and experience everything for themselves.

While such an overwhelming response is surely great news for everyone concerned, it has led to another major problem - lengthy queue times. Many players are unhappy, if not straight-up furious, about being unable to experience Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 for themselves.

Long queue times are testing everyone's patience as Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 sees millions trying to connect

The start of the new season has reignited the spark for many players and it was enough to lure thousands of them back to the game. The last stages of Chapter 3 Season 1 were quite uneventful and calm, with not much to do or see. To top it off, Epic Games did not even provide any teases, making the community wonder about the future.

However, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 seems to be a smash hit, if the long queue times are any indication.

I’ve been trying to log in to Fortnite for the last 4 fucking hours and the stupid ass game cant fucking load, I mean cmon epic get your shit together, a two year old can get better servers than this.

Several players are trying to log into Chapter 3 Season 2 at the same time, which is causing longer wait times for anyone who wants to play the game. This isn't the first time it has happened and there seems to be nothing one can do about it. Everyone wants to jump back onto the island and check out all the changes for themselves, which is further exacerbating the issue.

@BeardedCarper81 @FortniteGame My server is said 30 minutes and then once I pressed the log in button it went to 1 hour 30 minutes and the when I logged off and logged back on it said 4 hours I don’t know what I’d happening I just want to play Fortnite 😭
We’re continuing to investigate a server issue preventing us from opening up Fortnite game servers for everyone to log-in.We appreciate everyone's patience and will provide an update when Chapter 3 Season 2 has officially launched.

Long queue times are usually due to a ton of players trying to log into the game at the same time, causing the server to overload. Epic Games has acknowledged this issue, and in their recent tweet, said that they were "continuing to investigate a server issue" that was preventing players from playing Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

However, expect this issue to persist for some time as the popularity of the new season isn't going to die down for some time and it will likely take a while for the developers to fix the problem.

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