Fortnite players want Epic to remove cosmetic restrictions

Fortnite players want Epic Games to remove restrictions that have been place on cosmetics (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite players want Epic Games to remove restrictions that have been place on cosmetics (Image via Epic Games)

Epic Games has released many amazing cosmetic items into Fortnite Battle Royale. Unfortunately, some of these are restricted and can only be used by special characters.

These restrictions make sense from a lore perspective, such as unworthy characters not being able to use Thor's Mjolnir. However, most of them look incredible, which is why players want them to be available to everyone.

Using Marvel-exclusive items on any other Fortnite skin would be amazing and would allow players to come up with many fantastic combinations.


Unfortunately, restrictions are currently in place and it doesn't appear that Epic Games plans to do anything about them. However, Fortnite players have recently complained about them and we will see if the development team changes anything due to these complaints.

Fortnite players believe cosmetic items shouldn't be locked with specific combinations

Back in Chapter 2 Season 4, Epic Games collaborated with Marvel to release many of their characters to the Battle Pass. This ended up being a success as there were a lot of incredible cosmetic items.

Unfortunately, almost every one of them is restricted. For example, there are some cosmetic items that can only be used while Fortnite players are wearing the Thor outfit, which is far from perfect.

Reddit user u/3nubis recently made a post on the platform, expressing his frustration with these restrictions.

They believe that such cosmetics should not exist in the game. Players buy them with real money, which is why they should be able to do whatever they want with such items.

Unfortunately, solving these issues is not very simple. Epic Games has made Marvel cosmetics limited mostly due to their contract with the copyright owner. After all, they are trying to create the Metaverse, so having a common character use the Mjolnir wouldn't make much sense.

In the Marvel universe, only a few characters can use this weapon, such as Thor and Captain America. Hence, the developers have made some restrictions to keep things in line with the lore.

Fortnite players react to u/3nubis' post

Several other players joined the discussion and shared their own thoughts regarding cosmetic restrictions.

Many Redditors agreed with the post. However, they also understand that Epic cannot completely control cosmetic items that have come from collaborations with other big companies.

Unfortunately, the title has cosmetic restrictions on some non-collaboration items, such as the Cube Queen's glider. This glider is one of the coolest looking items in the game, but it can only be used with the Cube Queen.

One player believes that built-in emotes are the only acceptable restriction. However, others do not completely agree with them.

Most players would be fine if Epic Games removed restrictions on non-collaboration items. After all, they have full rights to these items, so it doesn't make much sense to keep them locked to certain characters.

The Cube Queen is a very important character in Fortnite's lore, which is why Epic probably decided to restrict her glider. Unfortunately, players have fallen in love with the cosmetic item and would love to use it with other skins as well.

While it is very unlikely that restrictions on Marvel items will ever be lifted, players are hoping that the developers will make the original items available to every character.

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