Fortnite pros in absolute disbelief after trying the new exotic "Unstable Bow"

New Unstable Bow Fires... Something? {Image via Epic Games}
New Unstable Bow Fires... Something? {Image via Epic Games}
Kayelynne Harrison

Fortnite Season 6 has brought with it the addition of several new weapons to the battlefield. The latest update of the current season introduced players to a unique in-game weapon that has professional and casual players alike, absolutely astonished.

Fortnite pros in absolute disbelief after trying the new exotic 'Unstable Bow'

While Fortnite Season 6 has been heavily focused on the Primal aspect of things, another key element in this season's storyline is the stabilizing of the Zero Point.

Though The Foundation is currently trapped at the top of the center Spire, he cannot stay there forever. The latest weapon presented to loopers, the Unstable Bow, seems to suggest the same sentiment.

Available to be purchased for 500 Gold from Rebirth Raven, an NPC located just southwest of Coral Castle, the Unstable Bow brings unscripted excitement to Fortnite Season 6.

When players fire the Unstable Bow, it will glitch and switch between all versions of in-game bows such as the Stink Bow, Shockwave Bow, and Explosive Bow. Although the random switching of what the Unstable Bow will fire may be frustrating for some players, other players are truly enjoying this intentional glitch.

In a YouTube video shared by FortniteBruh, part of the x2 Twins stream is recaptured as they use the latest Fortnite weapon.


The x2 Twins can be seen spamming players with their bows, with no real strategy in place except to simply have fun shooting whatever comes next from the Unstable Bow.

The effectiveness of the weapon's ammunition variety allows players the opportunity to burn down structures while bouncing themselves away from danger, and doing maximum damage depending on what the Unstable Bow decides to be in the moment.

While the Unstable Bow changes which type of bow it is and what ammo it will fire off without any real rhyme or reason to its cycling, it has the potential to be the most cracked weapon of Fortnite Season 6, or perhaps any other season.

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