Fortnite NFL players: Top 5 footballers who might get their Icon Series cosmetics soon

Could the NFL be coming to the battlefield? {Image via Epic Games}
Could the NFL be coming to the battlefield? {Image via Epic Games}
Kayelynne Harrison

With Neymar Jr's recent inclusion in Fortnite Season 6, some players are wondering if other athletes might be getting their moment on the battlefield.

Fortnite NFL players: Top 5 footballers who might get their Icon Series cosmetics soon

The newly welcomed presence of Neymar Jr, a fan-favorite soccer player and Fortnite enthusiast, has Fortnite players wondering what athletes might be coming next and if they might be from the NFL. Below are the top 5 players who might make an appearance in the battle royale as stand-alone Fortnite Outfits, Emotes, or more.

#5 - Deandre Hopkins

Said to have featured in Fortnite as a skin already, Deandre Hopkins is popular both within the Fortnite community and as an NFL wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. With a few athletes currently getting attention from Epic Games, though, it is entirely possible that Deandre Hopkins could get an exclusive in-game emote.

#4 - Marcus Mariota

Currently the quarterback for the NFL's Las Vegas Raiders team, Marcus Mariota is also a fan of Fortnite, who makes the cut for athletes that loopers might see on the battlefield someday. The NFL Rush YouTube channel shared a video a couple of years ago showing Marcus Mariota and Deandre Hopkins playing Fortnite together.


#3 - JuJu Smith-Schuster

Seen here in this unforgettable clip, which is now three years old, JuJu Smith-Schuster plays alongside Fortnite pro Ninja and the famous music stars Drake and Travis Scott. While the seritonin from this clip is everlasting, JuJu has yet to be honored in Fortnite by way of a unique Character Skin or in-game emote. Fans of both the NFL and Fortnite would enjoy seeing the Steelers' wide receiver featured on the battlefield in some way.

#2 - Odell Beckham Jr

The Cleveland Browns' beloved wide receiver was featured in Fortnite as part of the NFL jersey launch, which took place a few years ago when Beckham was playing for the New York Giants. However, some Fortnite loopers are looking for an updated skin to be featured in the Item Shop or even an emote.


#1 - Justin Jefferson

NFL star Justin Jefferson has recently been honored in Fortnite Season 6 with his very own in-game emote. The Vikings player is also a fan of Fortnite, as Neymar Jr is, and with the introduction of Jefferson's "Get Griddy" emote, some fans are expecting the player to receive his own skin very soon.

While there are many wide receivers on this speculatory list, there are plenty of National Football League athletes that could be featured on the battlefield in Fortnite's future.

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