Fortnite Season 7: Where to find UFOs and how to ride them

Loopers can hijack UFOs and drive them in Fortnite Season 7 (Image via Twitter)
Loopers can hijack UFOs and drive them in Fortnite Season 7 (Image via Twitter)

Epic Games recently launched Fortnite's v17.00 update that marked the beginning of Fortnite Season 7 for loopers. Players encountered several UFOs towards the end of Season 6. Some loopers even complained of being abducted by the aliens.

The Alien theme has garnered a lot of attention from Fortnite fans ever since data miners leaked the news via social media outlets.

Players were eager to drop into the new season and experience the alien invasion. Loopers who have shown immense interest in UFOs and have often wondered whether it will be possible to drive one of these in Fortnite Season 7.

This article will reveal the details of where to find the UFOs and how to drive them in Season 7.

Fortnite Season 7: Locating the UFOs and driving them

Locating UFOs is challenging if players have no idea where to look for them. Loopers will notice certain areas are marked in purple when dropping out of the battle bus.

As of now, there are only three locations in Fortnite Season 7 that has these UFOs around them. Each of these POIs will have three UFOs hovering above.

The best method to take the UFOs out is when they will approach loopers to abduct them. Players will notice an alien NPC in the UFO and are required to shoot at them.

Constant damage to the spaceship will bring it down and the alien NPC will be ejected out of its seat. Players need to battle this NPC and defeat it in order to take the UFO.


Players will get hold of the Kymera Ray Gun by defeating alien NPCs in Fortnite Season 7. Once the alien NPC is killed, players can take the UFO and fly them over the island.

The UFO has a beam attached to it that can be used to destroy various structures and even take out opponents from the island. However, the beam is not very effective against other UFOs.

UFOs can also be used to fly across the island and evade the impending storm. Loopers can also abduct opponents and IO guards and teleport them to other random points on the islands. UFOs have the ability to regenerate themselves when they are completely destroyed.

Fortnite Season 7 has added a lot of new features. The ability to drive a UFO is one of the major features of the update. Players will have a lot of fun driving them around. Meanwhile, opponents will want to eliminate players and take their UFOs.

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