How to mark Alien eggs in Fortnite Season 7

A new quest requires players to mark alien eggs in Fortnite (Image via EveryDay FN YouTube)
A new quest requires players to mark alien eggs in Fortnite (Image via EveryDay FN YouTube)
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Marking alien eggs is a new legendary quest in Fortnite Season 7. Bushranger has asked loopers to find and mark alien eggs. Earlier, the NPC demanded players build a wooden hatchery in unusual locations around the map.

These uncanny-looking alien eggs contain Alien Parasites, which will attempt to attach themselves to players if they break the egg. This will consume the player's HP but will grant them a speed boost. So, where can players find these, and how to mark alien eggs in Fortnite Season 7?

Fortnite Season 7: How to mark alien eggs in the game?

Before players can go on to mark alien eggs, they first need to find these. Even though the alien parasites can be found profusely, the alien eggs from which they come out are a rare affair. Here are some locations that players can visit:

1) Zyg and Choppy

Zyg and Choppy made their way into Fortnite Season 7 with the Fortnite 17.10 update. Both are on a mission to plant alien eggs all around the island. The duo roam around the entire map and can be seen planting alien eggs, possibly to create sites like Holly Hatchery. So finding Zyg and Choppy will lead players to discover alien eggs in Fortnite Season 7.

2) Holly Hatchery

Holly Hatchery is another location that players can visit in their search to find and mark alien eggs. The POI contains a lot of alien eggs but players might need to fend off enemies before they can get their hands on these alien eggs. So caution is advised while scouting this area.

3) Visit the area around the Aftermath

The Holly Hatchery POI will see a ton of players, and the area can get intense pretty easily, so players can travel just right around the Aftermath. Here players will find a couple of alien eggs spread around. The area does not see a lot of players or action, therefore players can easily spot these alien eggs.

(Image via Epic Games)
(Image via Epic Games)

Once players have located these, they can then mark alien eggs using the mouse scroll wheel and click on them. Players only need to mark one alien egg to complete the challenge. Once done players will be rewarded with 30,000 XP.

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