LEGO Fortnite Chewbacca skin confirmed for upcoming Star Wars collaboration

LEGO Fortnite Chewbacca skin confirmed for upcoming Star Wars collaboration
The beloved Chewbacca is finally making his way to Fortnite. (Image via LEGO Fortnite || X/@luluufortnite)

As Fortnite's next big collaboration with Star Wars inches closer, fans are constantly on the lookout for any hints and clues about what they can expect from the upcoming Star Wars Day celebration. While certain leaks have injected anticipation in the community, nothing has been concrete, until now. In a recent X post, the LEGO Fortnite account shared an official teaser featuring none other than Chewbacca, the iconic Wookie from the Star Wars franchise.

The collaboration, while previously hinted at in a post shared by the official LEGO group, has now been confirmed. This came about with the reveal of the cosmetic featuring the LEGO version of Chewbacca's upcoming skin, with the caption:

"You tell em' Chewie."

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Chewbacca's confirmation can be seen as a sign of big things for the Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration

The collaboration skin not only marks the long-awaited debut of Han Solo's hairy companion in the game, but also gives players their first official look at what they can expect from the upcoming Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration. It even has larger implications for the crossover as a whole.

While Chewbacca coming to the game is a big deal in itself, being a highly demanded skin ever since the very first Star Wars collaboration, leaks have suggested that the iconic Wookie's role will not be limited to a cosmetic addition. This is due to recent leaks hinting towards a Wookie Bowcaster weapon coming to the game as well.

Not only that, leaks also suggest that Chewbacca could be featured as an NPC on the Chapter 5 map, further adding to his important role here. The Chewbacca NPC will sell the Wookie Bowcaster weapon, which is said to use ammo similar to other Star Wars rifles such as the E-11 Blaster Rifle and the First Order Blaster Rifle.

With Chewbacca now confirmed, it seems like a lot of the previously reported leaks also have a high chance of coming to fruition, including a Rebel Leia Organa skin. As the Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration inches closer, players will surely be logging in to get their hands on the Chewbacca skin when it launches on May 3, 2024.

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