"Practically a lie": Fortnite players are finally catching up to a false promise by Epic Games

Epic Games promised a more flexible Battle Pass system (Image via Epic Games)
Epic Games promised a more flexible Battle Pass system (Image via Epic Games)

Epic Games has released numerous changes to Fortnite Battle Royale in the past four and a half years. The game developer has also changed the Battle Pass, promising players to make the system more flexible. However, this turned out to be a false promise.

There have been three different Battle Pass designs in Fortnite. The first design allowed players to see the free and paid tiers of the Battle Pass. The development team redesigned this with the release of Chapter 2, putting every reward in the same tier.

The latest design change was released with Chapter 2 Season 7. The new system promised players would be able to claim rewards in any order they want. Unfortunately, this isn't exactly true as there are numerous limitations.

Fortnite players want Epic Games to bring the old Battle Pass design back

Reddit user u/Toastedbread5665 recently made a post about the current Battle Pass design and how bad it is. The post has gained a lot of popularity on the platform with thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments from other Fortnite players.

The user claims that the current user interface for the Battle Pass is pointless. Epic Games promoted the new interface with what was "practically a lie" by claiming that players would be able to claim Battle Pass rewards in any order they wanted.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

At the moment, every Battle Pass page has its main reward, which is an outfit in most cases. To unlock this reward, players have to unlock some other cosmetic items first, which isn't ideal.

Furthermore, players cannot unlock any cosmetic items from the second page until they unlock a specific number of items on the first page. The same goes for every other page in the Battle Pass.

While this system is slightly better and allows players to unlock all outfits before reaching Level 100, it's not as good as players believed it would be.

The reaction from other players

Many other Fortnite Battle Royale players agree with the original poster and believe that Epic Games should make the Battle Pass the way it was before.

Many players simply do not like the current user interface, while others find it confusing.

Other players, however, have pointed out how the current system isn't perfect, but it is much better than what Epic Games had in the early seasons of the game. The current system allows players to skip certain items or simply get V-Bucks earlier.

One Reddit user pointed out how many players failed to understand that some items would be locked behind Tier 100 in the old system.

Some Fortnite players unlocked the main Battle Pass reward, Darth Vader, earlier than they would have in the past seasons. They claimed how this was a big advantage for the current system.

The truth is that the current design does offer some flexibility to players, which is why it is likely that the Fortnite developer will keep it in the game.

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