Tilted Towers to allegedly be re-added in Fortnite Chapter 3

Fan-favorite Tilted Towers POI will return to Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Epic Games)
Fan-favorite Tilted Towers POI will return to Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Epic Games)

Leaks regarding Fortnite Chapter 3 have already started flowing in from various sources. The Cubed themed season should come to a close in early December, with fans ecstatic for a new one.

Initially, many anticipated Chapter 2 to run at least until Season 10. However, it has recently been revealed that Epic will release Fortnite Chapter 3 right after Season 8 is over.

Numerous leaks have come up in the last few days alluding to the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 3. One such leak hints at the possible return of the popular POI Tilted Towers.

I kinda hope the rumors about Fortnite chapter 3 are true

Fortnite Chapter 3 leak indicates the return of Tilted Towers

The release of a new Fortnite Chapter is quite significant as gamers may get to see a whole new island.

Prior to the official release, creative artists tried their hand at developing a concept map for the game. Having said that, the one devised for Fortnite Chapter 3 spills a number of locations and features.

I saw the recent theories. And tbh I wouldn’t even mind if this was the Chapter 3 map. A lot of uniqueness but without the clutter, since the biomes and such are separated(The multiple islands concept are kinda weird but oh well)(Second photo credit: @MolentroL )

The concept map reveals that the Tilted Towers are returning to Fortnite Chapter 3. The much anticipated POI can be found at the center of this concept map. Titled as Artemis, it houses several island fragments brought together as one.

The concept map also features a chain of mountains just in front of the Tilted Towers. Many have pointed out that this specific feature bears close resemblance to an image that was released by Epic a few weeks ago.

During Fortnitemares 2021, the developers revealed a loading screen that showed Aura dropping down along with the Skull Trooper character. In the background, there is a chain of mountains while the Tilted Towers stick out in the front.

The close resemblance between the two has elicited rumors of a speculative return for the towers. Epic had already teased the feature earlier, however, it was too obvious to escape the common eye.

My Fortnite Chapter 3 map ‘concept’ (using this for a pinned tweet for new visitors)

The leaks regarding Fortnite Chapter 3 are coming at a steady pace. The hype around the upcoming chapter is building up pretty well. Gamers are keen to see the changes featured in the map. However, patience is paramount and they must wait for further leaks from data miners.

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