Twitter goes berserk as OG Fortnite map set to return in Chapter 4

OG Fortnite
OG Fortnite map is making a comeback in Chapter 4 and players are excited for it (Image via Epic Games)

Players have gone berserk on Twitter about the return of the original Fortnite Chapter 1 map with the forthcoming release of Creative 2.0 (also known as the Unreal Editor for Fortnite).

Epic Games' battle royale title is the most popular offering in the genre and was released in July 2017. It has gained massive popularity amongst players ever since. In its early days, the Battle Royale mode had a relatively small playerbase, but it quickly gained popularity due to its unique gameplay mechanics, such as building structures and the inclusion of quirky and comical cosmetic items.

The Chapter 1 era of the game, often referred to as OG Fortnite, also featured a map that was different from the current version, with various locations that no longer exist.

Despite the numerous changes and updates that the game has undergone since its release, many players still have a fondness for the OG version and reminisce about the early days. In 2023, after four chapters, players now long for the simpler gameplay and smaller treasure pool from previous seasons.

As such, the playerbase is hyped up that the title's first-ever map is set to make a return.

Team Atlas Creative is bringing OG Fortnite map to Chapter 4

Team Atlas, a well-known creative map developer, just released a video showcasing the OG Fortnite map and the Chapter 1 Battle Bus in its full Unreal Engine 5.1 glory. The announcement was made by the creators in advance of next week's release of Unreal Engine for Fortnite (UEFN).

The soon-to-be-released UEFN will make the Unreal Engine library's raw components available to Creative mapmakers, enabling them to make incredibly immersive maps.

Moreover, the application will serve as a standard for creators to follow when designing hyper-realistic maps for real-time Battle Royale games in the Creative mode.

The UEFN's texture-editing tool will allow designers to apply traditional Chapter 1-style textures to already existing Chapter 4-style terrain. As such, there had been a wave of requests from players requesting the return of the original Battle Royale map to the Creative Battle Royale mode.

Where are you dropping?🪂

Team Atlas upped the anticipation of the playerbase by posting an image of the Chapter 1 Season 1 map and asking the age-old question the original fans always asked each other:

"Where are you dropping?"

In response, a number of players who have been around since the game's Chapter 1 Season 1 days tweeted about how excited they are to visit the original Battle Royale island once again.

@AtlasOGBR @AtlasCreativeFN Might Come Back to Fortnite And Play This 😳🥹🥹

Some players, including Kyrian, have said that they would return to Fortnite if the Chapter 1 map made a return. These gamers left due to the lack of progression in the story and the lack of exciting gameplay in Chapters 2 and 3.

@AtlasCreativeFN @AtlasOGBR Nice, hope new island limits will allow og island sizes (around 2km) or we will be able to somehow access old islands as templatesanimated logo also cool, pushing the quality bar :)

Several developers, like UnrealVerse Guru, have voiced their desire to have the original, larger map size of two kilometers reinstated in place of the current, smaller island. Fans of the OG Fortnite days will want to see the classic features, such as animated logos and pre-existing map layouts, brought back to the game.

@AtlasCreativeFN @HYPEX @AtlasOGBR I’ve been waiting 4 years for something like this thank you so much I’ve missed this map for ages and I can’t wait to relive it
@AtlasCreativeFN @AtlasOGBR I’d love to see a battle royale created by you, I think it would really refreshing instead of a repeat of previous chapters, but I’m glad the og map is in good hands 🙌
@AtlasCreativeFN @AtlasOGBR I'm crying. Thank you so much atlas, for committing to bring back the best part of my life. (Just make sure to recreate og fortnite with care and affection) Thanks❤️

Several users, including ViperZ, Mixcer, and SavagePo, expressed confidence in Team Atlas and their ability to consistently produce high-quality content in Creative mode. They are expecting the OG Chapter 1 Battle Royale map that the team has been working on to look fantastic when the UEFN launches.

Founded in 2018, Team Atlas Creative is made up of skilled builders, designers, and content creators who have gained a reputation for their impressive in-game creations, ranging from maps and game modes to skins and weapons.

Their work has been recognized by the the community and Epic Games itself, with several of their creations being featured in official updates.

Team Atlas Creative have also collaborated with other notable creators and organizations, cementing their position as one of the most innovative and influential groups in the community.

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