What is the Blue Cube named in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8?

An interesting new cube shined through the Sky Fire live event at Season 7's end (Image via Twitter)
An interesting new cube shined through the Sky Fire live event at Season 7's end (Image via Twitter)

The live event that Fortnite's Season 7 brought forth gave players an interesting sneak peak into a character that's starting to puzzle the players. A mysterious Blue Cube appeared throughout the 'Sky Fire' event and closely resembles another Fortnite character.

While dozens of theories are being tossed around, many data miners and popular influencers call this cube by a different name. Here's a deeper look into what this blue cube really means and what sort of tie it will have with Season 8.

Fortnite's Blue Cube to be called Steve the Cube as Season 8 rolls through

That's right, fans and players across social media have dubbed the Blue Cube as Steve the Cube. While it's unclear if this is Kevin the Cube in a new appearance or something different altogether, Steve seems to be what everyone is calling it.

Everyone is jumping on the Steve bandwagon as of now with hundreds of people furthering the Blue Cube's name while replying to Fortnite and Epic Games.

Other theories suggest that the Blue Cube is just Kevin the Cube with a different look. Perhaps the blue form will tie into his role in Season 8 with the suggested continued alien storyline.

Not a lot is known for sure surrounding the cube that splashed through the Sky Fire live event, but we do know that Season 8 will shed more light on the subject and that Kevin is involved in some manner, if not in something much bigger.

Another thing to note from the live event is that dozens of other cubes are falling into the game and taking over as data miners suggest, and players figure out. Epic Games pulled out the big guns for Season 7's end, and it's obvious that Season 8 will further the trend of weird technology and unique characters.

Players will need to stay in the loop with Steve the Cube as Season 8 explodes through. Fortnite players are also advised to pay attention to social media where Fortnite leaks spill all.

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