NickEh30 shows Fortnite players an editing method with 100% success rate

NickEh30 is known for his cool tactics and tricks that made him a popular content creator (Image via YouTube/NickEh30)
NickEh30 is known for his cool tactics and tricks that made him a popular content creator (Image via YouTube/NickEh30)
Rishabh Sabarwal

The Fortnite player community never backs down in finding and being creative with tips and tricks to use to their advantage during a match. With various strategies and techniques introduced, players need to be careful and decisive on what they want to execute in a Battle Royale match. However, several more components may affect one’s gameplay.

Pro players and content creators worldwide discover or find different methods to practice against opponents to get the Victory Royale. This could range from building tactics and editing methods to tricking or confusing opponents.

As the season progresses, the level of tactics and techniques also evolves with time. Players who would like to improve in non-competitive and competitive matches need to be aware of the latest practices. Fortnite Pro NickEh30 is one such player who educates the community with these tricks from time to time.

Fortnite Pro NickEh30 shows players a genius editing method

Famous Canadian content creator NickEh30 took to Instagram to introduce his fans to the new editing style. The above video displays his tactic where he makes the opposing looper get stuck in an animation for a split second to make his move.

Nick edited a side door piece against the overpowered plays of spamming SMGs and ARs. A looper uses this knowledge to edit and trap the opposing looper to open the door piece. Due to this, he found a clear shot at his opponent and took the win. He constantly performed this method and proved to be successful in every spamming opponent.

The clip soon went viral amongst the player-base used by his followers and other players. A simple editing method that purely relies on in-game animations turned out to be a genius move for players as they resume building in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

Some more tricks and tips for editing by NickEh30


NickEh30's Fortnite tactics and newfound techniques are popularly known amongst the community. It could either represent a different version of another tactic or provide a whole new mechanic.

The Door Trap popularized by him was one of the most famous and valuable combat methods. It provides a player-friendly method where new loopers can join in and learn this without much trouble.


Techniques and valid exploits are easy to learn in Fortnite. The edit involved here is a tactic that is also easy to understand. Players may only face the challenge of creating a trap tactic in certain combat situations.

This edit mechanic may not be able to work against a long-range player or if the player has more piece control over his opposing looper. The tactic works and is active, but players may soon find a way around it.

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