Ninja rates his top ten favorite games, Fortnite falls from first to second last

Ninja rates Fortnite as his second last favorite game (Image Via Sportskeeda)
Ninja rates Fortnite as his second last favorite game (Image Via Sportskeeda)

In a recent Instagram post, Richard Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, listed his top 10 favorite games. While there's nothing unusual about a gamer doing this, Ninja listed Fortnite second to last which came as quite a surprise, given the fact that his rise to fame over the years was largely due to the content he produced around Fortnite.

Both Ninja and Fortnite shared a symbiotic relationship during the early days of the game, but that sadly came to an end a while ago after the 29-year-old streamer quit playing Fortnite due to stream snipers.

Earlier this year, during Fortnite Season 5, Ninja decided to take a back seat from the game due to the large number of stream snipers present in every game. It seems like everyone wants to record a clip of box-fighting Ninja, for bragging rights, and despite him putting up a good fight, there's only so much a single player can do against swarms of players.

While this may be fun to stream snipers and perhaps viewers, the player on the receiving has to go through this ordeal every time they play, this eventually leads to them either quitting the game or not streaming, which may hurt their revenue from esports.

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Ninja has a meltdown on Livestream after getting stream sniped

During a live stream earlier this year, after getting stream sniped by a player, Ninja had what some could consider a meltdown. Instead of rage quitting, he breaks down the issue and addresses it by stating,

"It's not fun. It's just not, and the thing is, man, these little clout chasers, they have no idea (what they're doing). All they are doing is just harming the game, because I'm not going to play it. I'm not going to play it, I'm not going to stream it."

Epic Games has been trying to curb stream sniping but this has become a reoccurring problem for streamers over the seasons with no respite in sight. Sadly though, many Fortnite players have even called out Ninja for exaggerating and overreacting to the situation. He went on to talk about it by stating,

"I'm not just making this up, I don't just see someone kill me and go like, 'oh stream sniper!' They're the same people all the time. I get angry when people don't believe me. Trust me, I have been playing this game, I have been playing battle royale for almost half a decade. I know what it's like to be stream sniped, I know the feeling."

To sum it up, considering the history between Fortnite and Ninja, for him to rank the game second to last is a clear indication that he won't be returning to the game, or perhaps at the very least won't be streaming it anytime soon.

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