The true identity of Fortnite's most mysterious skin has finally leaked

Latest leak confirms that Paradigm is Singularity (Image via Sportskeeda)
Latest leak confirms that Paradigm is Singularity (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite characters are an important part of the storyline that spans across several chapters and seasons. These characters directly or indirectly impact the stories and events that loopers go through, which makes an impact on several entities across the island.

Some of these characters have played a major part in protecting the island and its energy source, Zero Point, from those who plan to exploit it. One such character who had been the protector of the Zero Point and planned to liberate it was the long-lost member of The Seven: The Paradigm.

The Paradigm has played a key role in the entirety of Chapter 1 of Fortnite, which has transpired in future events where loopers get to know the real truth behind Zero Point and how evil forces from across the multiverse plan to exploit them. Although her actions might not have been suitable for The Seven, she took her own route to protect the loopers and hence betrayed her faction for something she believed in.

Recent leaks have hinted at her return and how the mystery around her disappearance and the sudden emergence of an individual called Singularity came into place.

Fortnite leak reveals that The Paradigm is Singularity

The new "Mecha Team" Glider basically confirms that Paradigm = Singularity via the description: "Paradigm-certified mech surplus craft."

The latest Fortnite leak shows that the long-lost member of The Seven, The Paradigm is indeed a mysterious character called Singularity, who has previously acted as the protector of the island by building her own Mecha robot to fight Cattus.

There have been several speculations across the internet and amongst the Fortnite player community about the real identity of Singularity and the whereabouts of The Paradigm since her disappearance.

PARADIGM IS NOW CONFIRMED TO BE THE SINGULARITY (glider has 2 other variants btw) #fortnite

The leak further explains that the description for the upcoming Mecha Team glider states that it is a "Paradigm-certified mech surplus craft." Now, loopers are aware of how Singularity helped create Mecha, defeated Cattus in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 9 and protected the island.

We are in big, big trouble...The Paradigm has detected weird energy fluxuation near Loot Lake.The Origin week 7 and 8 voice overs.

However, there is still a mystery on who was piloting Mecha. Turns out according to the leak, the tech used in the Mecha has been created by Paradigm who is now confirmed to be Singularity.

Although The Seven continue to search for The Paradigm in outer space and across the multiverse, they might have to shift their focus to finding an individual by the name of Singularity, who is basically Paradigm after she left The Seven.

As speculations around the mysterious lost member of The Seven continue to grow, loopers cannot wait for all seven members of the faction to team up and defeat Geno and Dr Slone's forces of the Imagined Order.

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