Is Midas returning to Fortnite in Season 8? Short film teases return of golden mischief-maker

Hopefully, Fortnite Season 8 should look like this soon enough (Image via YTSynchr0wolf/Twitter)
Hopefully, Fortnite Season 8 should look like this soon enough (Image via YTSynchr0wolf/Twitter)

A question asked a lot within the community is: "Is Midas returning to Fortnite in Season 8?", may finally have an answer. Although based on speculation and a few seconds' worth of animation, this is by far the best evidence that has been brought to light thus far.

The most fascinating part about this new evidence is that Epic Games themselves may have just leaked the information beforehand. Despite them deleting the digital paper trail, the Fortnite community managed to save a copy of the video.

For some reason, Epic Games took down the "The Burning Wolf" animated short from their social media pages.

Is Midas returning to Fortnite in Season 8?

While the animated video predominantly focuses on "The Burning Wolf" and a part of the character's backstory, the highlight of the reel is the content shown towards the end.

After the Burning Wolf is duped at the end of the heist, the camera pans out to show an individual sitting behind a monitor. This person has a golden hand adorned with tattoos and a golden gun lying beside the monitor.

It goes without saying that while the hand is undoubtedly that of Midas', the intriguing part of this scene is the files lying on the desk, containing the A.L.T.E.R. logo on them. By the looks of it, Midas was testing whether or not "The Burning Wolf" was capable enough of being a part of The First Shadows.

Será que midas realmente planea algo? Ya que esta los archivos de sombra y estos corto serán teasers para Halloween según se informa#Fortnite #FortniteLeaks #FortniteSeason8#FortniteCubed

Given that The Burning Wolf was featured in this video, two other videos featuring Chaos Origins and Sierra are bound to be showcased during Fortnite Season 8.

Based on the fact that the final Crew exclusive skin, Sierra, will be added in November, Midas may just be returning home during Fortnite Season 8. However, he won't be the Midas that the community knows.

For some reason Epic Games has removed the "The First Shadows The Burning Wolf Animated Comic" video from YouTube and twitter, so here is a reupload for those who haven't seen it yet/wanna see it.

Fortnite Season 8: Midas's yesteryears

Is Midas returning to Fortnite in Season 8? Probably yes, but it's not the Midas that players know.

By all accounts, the Midas skin and NPC, which may return to the game, will be a version of him from his younger days.

This would be Midas before he became infamous, before he formed The First Shadows, and before he tried to escape the loop.


However, this is all mere speculation, and it's yet to be seen if the "The First Shadows" storyline will continue or be replaced with something else towards the end of Fortnite Season 8.

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