8 skins Fortnite players use the most as of Chapter 4 Season 4

Some of the popular Fortnite skins
Popular Fortnite skins (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite has introduced over 1,500 skins since its debut that not only add flair to your in-game character but can also be seen as a status symbol in the world of Fortnite. However, unlocking skins in the game is a tedious task, as some require you to take part in events, while others are only available for certain seasons. Nonetheless, skins are one of the most interesting features in Fortnite, which means there will always be some that are all-time favorites.

As Chapter 4 Season 4 unfolds, themed around thrilling heists, players are diving into the action with a whole new set of skins and cosmetics. Here are the eight skins Fortnite players are using the most as of Chapter 4 Season 4.

Drift, Mae, and six other skins used the most in Fortnite as of Chapter 4 Season 4

1) Drift


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Drift is a Battle Pass skin from a previous season, and its popularity has never waned. This is due to its unique design and the challenge it presents to players. Drift required accumulating 200,000 experience points, a formidable feat that made owning this skin a mark of prestige.

2) Mae

Mae as a new outfit (Image via Epic Games)
Mae as a new outfit (Image via Epic Games)

Mae, a quirky hacker with an explosive sense of humor, is a recent addition to Fortnite's roster. To unlock her, you'll need to reach level 38 on Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass.

There's even a vibrant additional style for Mae that can be unlocked by completing 13 Mae Quests, making her a fun and fashionable choice for players.

3) Peely


The banana-themed "Peely" is an epic outfit that has been a fan favorite since its introduction via the Battle Pass. What's fascinating is the variety of Peely versions available for players to personalize their characters, from pirate to superhero themes.

4) Kado Thorne


Kado Thorne is a pivotal character in Chapter 4 Season 4, serving as both the final Battle Pass skin and the primary villain. At level 86, you can unlock his human-like form, and upon reaching level 100, the built-in Metamorphosis emote lets you transform him into his menacing vampire form. Kado Thorne is a compelling addition to this season's lineup.

5) Spider Gwen

Spider Gwen skin (Image via Epic Games)
Spider Gwen skin (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite's crossover event with Miles Morales brought back a beloved character, Spider-Gwen. This skin is a coveted item, notably challenging to obtain in Chapter 3, Season 1.

The skin has an art style similar to that of the Spider-Verse movie, making it stand out amongst other skins. Sadly, only the players who obtained this skin in the respective Chapter have the privilege to use it.

6) Travis Scott

Travis Scott in the Astronomical event (Image via Epic Games)
Travis Scott in the Astronomical event (Image via Epic Games)

As a part of the Astronomical Event, a Fortnite-built experience inspired by Cactus Jack's inventions, Travis Scott was first introduced to the renowned island.

Since Travis Scott's outfit hasn't been available for a while, many users think it will never be available again. It is believed that Epic Games has been trying to distance itself from the well-known rapper because of the controversy he sparked recently.

7) Galaxy


One of the most unusual and uncommon skins in the game is the Galaxy. It remained out of reach for many players since it was only available to those who bought a Samsung Galaxy phone.

However, players have found a way to get the skin for free by participating in the Fortnite Galaxy Cup 4 event. There are a total of seven Galaxy skins to choose from.

8) Midas


As the Leader of the Spies, Midas is one of Fortnite's most recognizable original characters. Midas was the much sought-after Level 100 reward in Chapter 2: Season 2's Battle Pass, therefore obtaining him wasn't simple.

His popularity has only increased over time, inspiring the development of other Midas-themed skins, including Shadow Midas and Midas Rex.

Players have fallen in love with these skins for a multitude of reasons; their design, rarity, and the sense of achievement they provide after being unlocked. These skins continue to create waves and influence the aesthetic environment of the game as Chapter 4 Season 4 unfolds against a heist-themed backdrop.

As the seasons progress and new skins are introduced, it's important to acknowledge the enduring popularity of these classics. Whether you're sporting a Mae-inspired quirkiness or channeling the dark skies with Raven, these skins are a testament to the ever-evolving world of Fortnite, where style and strategy go hand in hand.

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