Fortnite’s Travis Scott controversy explained, Epic Games chimes in

Travis Scott
Travis Scott's Fortnite skin has been very controversial over the past few years (Image via Epic Games)

Travis Scott's Fortnite skin is one of the most popular Icon Series skins to be added to the video game. The American rapper had an in-game concert during Chapter 2 Season 2, and many Fortnite players have become his fans since then. Scott also has several cosmetics in the battle royale video game, but they haven't been out for over three years, causing a lot of controversy.

Many players believe Epic Games is trying to distance itself from the rapper. The 32-year-old artist was partially responsible for the deaths of 10 people during his November 2021 concert, which could be why Epic hasn't brought back his skin.

Over the last few days, Travis Scott's Fortnite skin has been even more controversial. Many players falsely believed that Epic Games announced that it would never return to the Item Shop, causing different reactions.

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Travis Scott's Fortnite skin will likely return at some point

The popular rapper had a concert in April 2020 (Image via Epic Games)
The popular rapper had a concert in April 2020 (Image via Epic Games)

The popular rapper had a big event in Fortnite Battle Royale during the coronavirus pandemic. Epic Games worked hard to bring Travis Scott's concert to the game, which ended up being one of the best live events ever.

However, the rapper's cosmetic items were released only once to the Item Shop. Epic released them on April 22, 2020, and removed them six days later. They haven't been seen since then, making Scott's skin one of the rarest cosmetics in Fortnite.

On a recent live stream, someone used Tim Sweeney's name and profile picture, saying that Travis Scott would never return to the popular video game.

As many Fortnite players are aware, Sweeney is the founder and CEO of Epic Games, which is why they believed that this information was legitimate. However, it was not.

It turns out that someone impersonated Tim Sweeney on YouTube, spreading false information. Due to this, Fortnite's official Twitter account decided to clear the situation.

In addition, Epic Games made it clear that it doesn't share future plans regarding the Item Shop.

While this doesn't confirm that Travis Scott will return to the Item Shop anytime soon, there is a chance that Epic will bring his skin back within a year or two. Many players want to own rare cosmetics, and that's precisely what the Icon Series skin is all about.

Naturally, the skin will no longer be rare once it returns to the Item Shop. However, there is no doubt that, despite this, it will still be one of the most popular items.

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