Talk to Joneses Challenge in Fortnite Season 6: Everything players need to know about latest Spire Quests

Talk to Joneses Challenge in Fortnite Season 6 (Image via Epic Games)
Talk to Joneses Challenge in Fortnite Season 6 (Image via Epic Games)
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The most recent Season 6 update v16.20 came with a new set of Spire Quests where players have to complete the "Talk to Joneses Challenge" in Fortnite.

Agent Jonesy is the central character in Fortnite. The narrative revolves around him and is then presented to the audience.

Jonesy has become incredibly important in the primal-themed Season 6. The Talk to Joneses Challenge in Fortnite is full of mysterious clues that reveal hidden details about the Spire.


In the official cinematic, fans saw Jonesy betraying the Imagined Order to contain the Zero Point. He sided with the Foundation to unleash a primal-themed biome upon the island.

The timeline was meddled with, and loopers found different versions of Agent Jonesy throughout the Fortnite map in Season 6.

This article will focus on all NPC Jonesy locations in Season 6 so that players can easily complete the Talk to Joneses Challenge in Fortnite.

Talk to Joneses Challenge in Fortnite: All Jonesy locations to complete the Quest

The Talk To Joneses Challenge in Fortnite is quite easy to complete as there are numerous versions of the character spread across the map. Players will have to converse with at least five different Joneses to complete the quest.

These Joneses are from different timelines in Fortnite and have arrived on the map thanks to Zero Point.

Jonesy is planning to free the Foundation from the Spire. However, to do that, he needs help from the players in-game. This is where the Talk to Joneses Challenge in Fortnite factors in.

Players are essentially exploring the plot of Fortnite Season 6 by completing all these challenges.

There are a total of four NPC Jonesy that players can identify at once. However, there are several versions of the character that are eligible for the Talk to Joneses Challenge in Fortnite.

The following list features all of them with their proper locations.

  • Slurp Jonesy location - Slurpy Swamp
  • Jonesy the First location - Pleasant Park
  • Castaway Jonesy location - On the island North of Steamy Stacks
  • Bunker Jonesy location - Misty Meadows or Catty Corner or Holly Hedges
  • Wreck Raider location - Coral Castle
  • Rex location โ€“ Dusted Depot
  • Grill Sergeant location โ€“ Durr Burger Food Truck near Pleasent Park
  • Suntan Specialist location โ€“ Sweaty Sands
  • Cabbie location โ€“ Lazy Lake
  • Sash Sergeant location - Weeping Woods

Out of all these Joneses, Bunker Jonesy is the hardest to locate because he skips his spawn. He spawns at different landmarks like Rainbow Rentals, Lockie's Lighthouse, and Pristine Point.

The Spire Quests added to v16.20 require players to travel to these NPC Jonesy locations in Fortnite. Players can converse with these NPCs to complete the Talk to Joneses Challenge in Fortnite.

Loopers will get a huge 45,000 XP for completing these challenges in Season 6.

The quickest method to dispense with these challenges at various Jonesy locations is by building a defensive box around the NPC. This will help players stay safe from opponents who would camp in these specific areas waiting to troll others.

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