Thanos Ramp Rush: Fortnite ramp rush that is enough to make your enemies quit the game

Fortnite Thanos Ramp Rush (Image via Beaks/YT)
Fortnite Thanos Ramp Rush (Image via Beaks/YT)

Loopers always hate it when they go against Fortnite sweats, which can erect skyscrapers within a few seconds. However, a building strategy from 2019 is the worst of all.

Fortnite YouTuber Beaks introduced the Thanos Ramp Rush strategy during the early years of the battle royale game. This might still be one of the strongest building strategies for an aggressive push. In fact, this strategy is so intimidating that it might make your enemies rage quit the game.

Given the state of the Spray Meta in Fortnite Chapter 3, this is the perfect time to bring back the Thanos Ramp Rush strategy. The sheer magnanimity of this build is enough to counter MK-Sever ARs and Stringer SMGs in the game.


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Fortnite Thanos Ramp Rush can counter the Spray Meta in Chapter 3

Building has always been much more important than any other offensive or defensive strategy in Fortnite. Good builders are often the players who emerge victorious in most combat situations. Naturally, to counter the Spray Meta, one will have to rely on extraordinary building skills.

Anyone who has played enough Chapter 3 knows that the Spray Meta can even rip through builds. However, the Thanos Ramp Rush strategy is just what they need to counter this. This build has multiple ramps and walls to protect the players from a wild spray aimed at them.


Thanos Ramp Rush is certainly complicated and will take a long time for players to master. Even Beaks, the creator of this strategy, uses a half controller for building instead of a keyboard.

How to use the Thanos Ramp Rush in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Thanos Ramp Rush is not the easiest building strategy in the game. It involves several complicated steps and multiple layers of builds.

  1. Place a normal walled ramp.
  2. Place another ramp and start moving up and forward.
  3. Build two opposite forward half pyramids in front of every ramp shaped like a 'V'.
  4. Keep repeating in two levels while pushing the enemy.

Enough practice can certainly help players perfect the Thanos Ramp Rush. Once they know how to use this gnarly build in fights, they no longer have to be afraid of the Spray Meta in Fortnite Chapter 3. Even if the enemy destroys one wall, they will have to go through 4 more to reach you; that is if they don't decide to rage, quit.

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