Top 5 Fortnite traditions that every player indulges in during a match

Victory emote in Fortnite (Image via Ninja/Twitch)
Victory emote in Fortnite (Image via Ninja/Twitch)

It has been almost four years since Fortnite officially came out. Several million players have played millions of games building up to Chapter 3 Season 1. However, there have been a few things common across all these games.

There are a few activities that almost all players indulge in. Over the years, these have practically become Fortnite traditions. Ranging from celebrating Victory Royales or even individual kills to camping, there are just some things players cannot stop doing.

As players head into Fortnite Chapter 3, it would be interesting to see how far the traditions of this game have come.

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Fortnite traditions that players have been following for years

Some Fortnite traditions are toxic, and some are hilarious, but the one thing they all have in common is that players can't stop indulging in them.

5) Stream sniping

One of the most toxic Fortnite traditions is stream sniping. Several players try to queue into the same lobbies as some of the most popular streamers. Some players manage to catch popular streamers off guard regardless of the streamer mode and other preventive methods.


Stream snipers hunt down content creators and certainly have an advantage over them. Stream sniping has been a tradition ever since Fortnite became popular on Twitch and YouTube.

4) Camping

Battle royale games have one too many campers, and Fortnite is no different. The bushes and structures make it extremely easy for players to camp in Epic Games' battle royale. Camping is often used to avoid gunfights and catch skilled players off guard.

Often, players camp around Supply Drops or legendary weapons to lure others and take them out. Players have also started to camp out Mythic bosses in Fortnite, and it has been growing as a tradition.

3) Shooting drops

Unlike other battle royale games, the Supply Drops in Fortnite can be shot down. This brings the box down faster instead of players waiting for it to drop to the ground. Ever since players figured this secret out, they have been shooting the drop balloon to get done with their loot quickly.

2) Flex building

Building is a huge part of Fortnite. In fact, building mechanics are what set this game apart from other battle royale games. Unfortunately, it is also the hardest part to learn. Therefore, many players lose out 1v1s or entire games because the opponents outbuild them.


Whenever a highly skilled player outsmarts their enemy using sneaky edits or superfast building, they make sure to show off some of that skill even after the enemy is eliminated. Ranging from flex building after killing an enemy to doing so after getting a Victory Royale in Fortnite, this has certainly become a tradition.

1) Victory emote

If there is one thing that almost every Fortnite player does, it is emoting after getting a Victory Royale. This will be an even more common practice now after Epic Games introduced the Crowning Achievement emote in Chapter 3.

Players also end up emoting after killing a salty opponent or to mock their fresh kill. It is certainly the most followed Fortnite tradition but also a toxic one. It would be interesting to see some more practices come up in the future.

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