The 5 most useful NPCs in Fortnite Season 6: Locations and what they do

Some NPCs in Fortnite can turn the tides of battle
Some NPCs in Fortnite can turn the tides of battle

Fortnite Season 6 features a lot of NPCs in the game. Some of these NPCs have carried over from the previous season, while others are completely new. These NPCs sell a lot of items, from exotic weapons and rifts to information of the storm circle.

While the most useful NPCs are those that sell exotic weapons, they're not that useful when it comes to Arena mode in Fortnite. Players start with zero gold in the Arena mode, so acquiring an exotic is slightly difficult.

However, most of these NPCs have a lot of other features as well, which are beneficial to players.

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Most useful NPCs in Fortnite Season 6

#1 - The Reaper


The Reaper NPC is located in one corner of the map: North West of Holly Hedges in Fortnite Season 6. Besides having some bounties for players, The Reaper also has the ability to upgrade weapons in exchange for gold.

The best part is that players can farm mechanical parts from the vehicles in the area, making it easy for players to obtain the legendary SCAR or the SPAZ.

#2 - Raz


Raz may be up to no good, but he's a very useful NPC in Fortnite Season 6. Players can come across Raz at Colossal Crops, which is located northeast of the Spire. Raz has the ability to turn players into a prop. This comes in handy because setting up an ambush then becomes very easy for players.

#3 - Rebirth Raven


Rebirth Raven is located west of Sweaty Sands. This NPC can activate rifts for players, allowing them to cruise through the map. Other than that, Rebirth Raven can also predict the next storm circle for players, allowing them to plan out their game.

#4 - Bandolette


Players can come across Bandolette at the Flushed Factory in Fortnite Season 6. Not only can she upgrade weapons, but she also sells pump shotguns of epic rarity for 95 gold each. Players can buy upto three shotguns from her, which is enough for the entire trio.

#5 - Dummy


Players can find the Dummy NPC in the junkyard in Fortnite Season 6. He's surrounded by a lot of scrap cars that can be easily harvested for mechanical parts.

If players can farm the entire location successfully, they can get their hands on approximately 14 mechanical parts, if not more. Dummy can also upgrade weapons just like The Reaper NPC, making it very easy for players to get their hands on a legendary SCAR or a legendary SPAZ.

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