The end of a saga: How Fortnite's IO has likely been wiped out forever

The Imagined Order has likely been wiped from Fortnite. Forever (Image via Sportskeeda /Epic Games)
The Imagined Order has likely been wiped from Fortnite. Forever (Image via Sportskeeda /Epic Games)

The Imagined Order (IO) is gone for good. For now, Fortnite is devoid of any imminent threat that might have loopers fretting. Free from the yoke of the IO, loopers are busy partying and exploring new additions to the map. Summer couldn't have come at a better time.

Rewind to last season; the map ran amok with IO check points at every possible point of interception. The island was dystopian and the buildings dilapidated. An eerie silence lingered about, with a sense of impending war that only grew stronger with each passing day.


Everything fell into place when one day the Seven finally reunited and teamed with loopers to overthrow the IO once and for all. In an epic battle, loopers along with The Seven, defeated the Imagined Order and emerged victorious. Just like that, the latter was gone from Fortnite.

Is the Imagined Order really gone from Fortnite?

IO had been the longest running antagonist in the game and had been present since the very beginning. Although it surfaced more recently in Chapter 2 Season 5, a mysterious agency had been surveying the island, working from the shadows.

The IO worked in secrecy, sending undercover agents to the island so that they could mingle with the loopers while sneakily collecting confidential information.


Ever since the IO surfaced, it had been wreaking havoc on the Fortnite island. More than once, the Imagined Order's mallicious intent had put the whole island in danger. Courtesy of The Seven, everything was brought under control. Loopers anticipated the end of IO, which finally came in Chapter 3 Season 2's finale.

Loopers are aware of what became of Dr Slone during the live event. With the leadership gone, it seemed reasonable for the IO to come crumbling down. Though the it is nowhere to be seen on the island, is it really gone? Or is it back in the shadows once again?

While Dr. Slone met her untimely demise, the live event gave us a glimpse of Geno, who is speculted to be the boss of the Imagined Order. Before anything could happen, loopers were met with a cliffhanger. Now that the new season is in its third week, the loopers have a new task at hand.


The Scientist has tasked the loopers with spray-painting the 'remaining junk' of the IO. In a simple solution, loopers need to transform the remains of the IO and turn them into a modern art installation. Based on the Scientist's dialogue in the game, it can be made that IO is the least important thing right now.

This hints towards something that takes precedence over IO, which in turn undermines their exisitence and suggests that Fortnite is likely free of them forever.

In a recent collaboration with Marvel, Fortnite dropped a comic book series called Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War. The story traces the Seven's struggle to overthrow the IO.

#Final #Fortnite #EntertainmentFinal Fortnite x Zero War cover reveals Imagined Order vs Marvel and The Seven

The first issue of the comic book dropped recently. It traces the journey of The Seven trying to assemble a team to ward off the Imagined Order. It is speculated that the events that took place after the cliffhanger that will unfold in the upcoming issues. The Seven will assemble a team powerful enough to defeat Geno. Based upon this, it seems plausible that the IO has likely been wiped forever.

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