The Reality Tree is taking over Fortnite

Just a handful of Reality Trees are left to sprout in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3(Image via Twitter/JayKeyFN)
Just a handful of Reality Trees are left to sprout in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3(Image via Twitter/JayKeyFN)

What started out as a beautiful tree limited to one biome on the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 island has now spread to nearly every POI. The Reality Tree's roots can be seen all across the island, and everywhere a new tree sprouts, reality begins to shift on a whim every match.

According to leakers, just three Reality Tree sprouts are left to appear on the map. Once completed, the tree will have swept the entire length and breadth of the island. The only question that remains is, "What's next?" Although there's no way to be certain, a few things are expected to happen.

All roots / Reality tree sprouts left to appearImage 1: July 30th (Tomorrow)Image 2: August 2ndImage 3: August 6thPlease Note: These dates are not confirmed and are predictions from previous patterns.#Fortnite #FortniteVibin

Reality Tree has all but taken over the Fortnite island

As mentioned, the Reality Tree has spread its roots all across the island. While a handful can be seen above ground, the majority of them are tucked away below the surface, hidden from sight. They are likely forming an intricate network of roots, much like plants do in real life.

For the time being, this hasn't caused any problems, but it is alarming given how powerful the Reality Tree is. With the roots completely covering the island by August 6, something is likely to occur. Here are the current speculations:

1) The Bloomwatcher will appear

The yet-to-be-revealed antagonist of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, dubbed The Bloomwatcher by the community, is likely to be revealed in the next few days. The entity has been pulling the strings from behind the scenes for a while now. It's unclear what they want, but it's unlikely to be anything pleasant.

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Although there's not much official information on this entity, there are some clues as to who or what they are. Since they closely resemble The Bloom Outfit from the game, it can be concluded that they may be Pluxarian. Perhaps they are the leader of their race or just another villain in the long line of "bad guys."

Whatever the case, once the Reality Tree's roots cover the island in its entirety, Epic will likely initiate the next stage of the season by revealing the main villain. Hopefully, they acknowledge the name given by the community and stick by it.

2) Reality will shift on a mass scale

If Reality Trees in isolated POIs can make their reality change at will, one can only imagine what a network of them are capable of in Fortnite. While this is a stretch, perhaps once The Reality Tree's roots cover the entire island, reality will change on a grand scale.

#Fortnite Reality Root Watch ๐ŸƒA new Tree Bloom from the Reality Tree has sprouted and can be found at Condo Canyon! Expect this POI to change soon..

Rather than a few POIs changing their theme every match, the island itself will change its reality on a whim. This will be interesting to see as the developers will be given free rein to implement many changes to the map.

Since the reality of Fortnite will become fluid, anything and everything can hypothetically be added to the game once reality shifts on a grand scale. Perhaps old NPCs and OG weapons can be re-added for a short duration of time, or iconic POIs can be brought back on a rotational basis.

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