The Stranger Things Fortnite live event that fans would have loved

The Stranger Things collaboration that loopers deserve (Image via PiLotTRr/Twitter)
The Stranger Things collaboration that loopers deserve (Image via PiLotTRr/Twitter)

Although Stranger Things made headlines in 2016, its collaboration with Fortnite only occurred in 2019. Fans were delighted when the Upside Down portals were added to the game alongside other cosmetics. However, the showstoppers were Chief Hopper and Demogorgon outfits.

Despite the crossover being short-lived, it left quite the impression on fans. So much so that when Stranger Things Season 4 Part II aired on Netflix, players were annoyed that the skins were not added back to the Item Shop. Given how iconic the series has become, Epic Games was expected to do the needful.

alright, it worked once, lets try againWE NEED AN UPDATED STRANGER THINGS X FORTNITE COLLAB

Although they didn't deliver, a popular YouTuber known as 12th Hour came to the rescue. Through sheer skill and talent, he created a Fortnite x Stranger Things event that has left fans speechless. Though it's not official, it's the next best thing.

YouTuber creates Stranger Things event for the Fortnite community

12th Hour has been making waves in the community for some time now. He is well-known for creating videos mimicking live events that could have taken place in-game. He also produces amazing short clips showing off the mechanics that exist in Fortnite.

His previous video, which features a larger-than-life Crewmate from Among Us in-game, was well received. However, his latest creation, which showcases The Mind Flayer from Stranger Things, has left fans transfixed. Following the video's plaudits, fans want to make it playable in-game.

Fortnite X Stranger Things Event

Keeping the video aside, many fans have been pondering as to why Epic Games has not done another collaboration with Stranger Things. Given how popular the series has become, it makes absolute sense to work with the franchise and bring more skins to the game. Why hasn't that happened yet? Well, things are not as simple as they may seem.

Stranger Things will probably never collaborate with Fortnite again

While fans would absolutely kill to get Eddie Munson, Max Mayfield and Vecna's outfit in-game, that's probably never going to happen. From the looks of it, the first collaboration only happened to introduce the series to a wider audience in Fortnite. Given the demography of the playerbase, this worked well.

"It’s time... for your suffering to end."#Fortnite X #StrangerThings

Although it can be argued that the show was already popular way back in 2016, its mainstream prominence wasn't established until the end of the decade. By the time it became world famous, the need for further crossovers had already faded. As it currently stands, Stranger Things has more exposure than Fortnite.

This being the case, Netflix has no need to collaborate with Epic Games. Indeed, it can also be opined that the developers have tried their best to make things happen but nothing has come to fruition. While it is no doubt disheartening, there's no alternative.

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It looks like the collaboration was just a mere one-off and that's about it. This would also explain why the cosmetics from the previous collaboration cannot be unvaulted or added to the Item Shop. That being said, those who own these collaborative cosmetics are now in possession of future pop-culture memorabilia.

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