'They don't fit into OG Fortnite at all': Grapple Gloves deemed useless by the community in Chapter 4 Season 5

The Grapple Glove's return hasn't been well-received by the community (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 has introduced Rift Encounters into the game. This is a new mechanic that can serve as a bridge between the past and present by bringing in items from future seasons into the OG season. However, one particular item, the Grapple Glove, has stirred discontent among the community.

The Grapple Glove has become a point of contention among players who argue that the mobility item disrupts the simplicity and authenticity that the OG season represents. Despite their unique functionality, the community does not seem to approve of it. One person commented:

"They don't fit into OG Fortnite at all."

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"Don't really get the point of their addition" - The Fortnite community questions the return of the Grapple Glove

Many Fortnite players hold the earlier seasons of the game to their hearts for their simplicity and the absence of high-tech gadgets and mechanics. The Grapple Glove, with its advanced mobility function, is seen as an alien concept that doesn't align particularly well with the OG experience that Chapter 4 Season 5 aims to provide.

While the nostalgia factor, with players yearning to return to more straightforward times, undoubtedly plays a significant role in the community's discontent, some argue that the Grapple Glove lacks practicality in the OG setting.

The OG terrain and map design do not provide ample opportunities for players to fully utilize the grappling function, making the Grapple Glove redundant and impractical.

Apart from feeling redundant and misplaced, the rarity of the Grapple Glove is also something that players have taken issue with. Since the item can only be acquired through Rift Encounters, which are not fixed and can happen anywhere on the Island, players can go entire matches without coming across the Grapple Glove.

The Fortnite community gives its take on the Grapple Glove

Players have voiced their opinions on the Grapple Glove, describing it as an unwelcome intrusion into the experience of the OG Chapter 1 map. Some argue that Epic Games should have kept the OG experience untouched in order to preserve the original feel and mechanics that drew players to the game in the first place.

Listed below are some of the comments regarding the Grapple Glove:

Comment byu/Avesta49 from discussion inFortNiteBR
Comment byu/Avesta49 from discussion inFortNiteBR

As the community expresses its discontent, the challenge for Epic Games lies in finding a middle ground that respects the OG sentiment while incorporating more advanced elements from later seasons of Fortnite.

Comment byu/Avesta49 from discussion inFortNiteBR
Comment byu/Avesta49 from discussion inFortNiteBR
Comment byu/Avesta49 from discussion inFortNiteBR

It remains to be seen how the developers will respond to the criticism surrounding the Grapple Glove and whether adjustments will be made to appease players regarding this issue.

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