Top 5 most expensive Fortnite cosmetics that are not worth the money

Candy Axe is an expensive Fortnite cosmetic that is not worth the money (Image via FBRFeed/Twitter)
Candy Axe is an expensive Fortnite cosmetic that is not worth the money (Image via FBRFeed/Twitter)
Francis Banerjee

Fortnite is known for its number of exclusive cosmetics that help an individual customize their character and stand out from their competitors.

Since 2017, Epic Games has released several cosmetics in the game. The price range of these cosmetics vary greatly. However, even though some cosmetics come with a high price tag, they are not worth adding to one's collection.

This article will reveal the top 5 most expensive Fortnite cosmetics that are definitely not worth the money.

Expensive Fortnite cosmetics that are not worth owning

5) Batso Glider

Gliders are fascinating, provided they are designed correctly. Everyone wants a good looking glider to show off when jumping out of the Battle Bus. The game has several gliders, so Batso is not the first choice of most loopers.

The pink shaded glider is a giant circular bat face wearing headphones and wings to match. It does not look good, and at 800 V-Bucks, it is not something that most people would prefer.

4) Warpaint Outfit

25 Days Of Screenshots {3}I Randomized All My Skins And The Skin Is.... WarPaint#Fortnite #Screenshot

Agent Jonesy is one of Fortnite's most popular characters. He has appeared in a lot of style variants and is the model for some exclusive outfits as well.

Warpaint skin in Fortnite is modeled upon Agent Jonesy and was available after purchasing the Save The World Founder's Pack. Loopers who wished to buy it had to flash $40.

The outfit puts Agent Jonesy in skull-style face paint with additional body paint to match. It would've been a decent cosmetic style if not for the price tag it came with.

3) Empress


Empress is a pet in Fortnite who was introduced in Season 8. The cosmetic had a function similar to backbling. It was first introduced to Fortnite in 2019, but had not made a showing since then. However, Epic Games rolled it out in the Item Shop a couple of times in 2021.

The high price of the cosmetic -1000 V-Bucks - drives loopers away from buying it.

2) Blue Team Leader

Collaborations are pretty common in Fortnite. These collaboration events release exclusive cosmetics that are a great addition to the gamers' collection.

Blue Team Leader was the first PlayStation Plus Celebration pack outfit. Loopers who wished to get the outfit had to purchase it for $500. The skin was certainly overpriced and it seemed ridiculous to spend so much on an outfit.

1) Candy Axe

The “Candy Axe” pickaxe finally returned in the #Fortnite Item Shop..!Code “MakTora” to support me #Ad

The season of celebration is here and loopers are gearing up to buy special themed items for their collection.

The Candy Axe harvesting tool is also back this season. However, the question arises whether it is worth its steep price, a hefty 1500 V-Bucks. The reactive pickaxe looks good and glows as players get eliminations in the game. However, it is priced quite high for a cosmetic and is definitely not worth the money.

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