Top 5 Fortnite easter eggs that are hidden in plain sight

(Image via Epic Games)
(Image via Epic Games)
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Fortnite is well known for all its great collaborations, but they’ve had some major easter eggs in the past as well.

As seen throughout film, TV shows, and video games, easter eggs are in just about everything now. Easter eggs are typically references to other popular projects, whether they are film projects or video games. Fortnite has been throwing in easter eggs for a long time now.

With that, here’s a look at the top five easter eggs that have been hidden in plain sight in Fortnite.

Top 5 Fortnite Easter Eggs

#5 – Christmas Chimneys

Christmas updates are always made for a fun time in Fortnite. During one of the many Christmas updates, if players were able to land on top of a house in any of the given Christmas towns, the chimneys would work. Players could jump into a chimney and teleport into the respective house, just like Santa Claus.

#4 – Zohan Swimming

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 1 was the first season in which players were able to swim. It started with a lot of different mechanics as well, but swimming was the biggest feature. Players might notice that while swimming, the technique looks the same as Adam Sandler’s “Don’t Mess With the Zohan” character's technique. When watched side by side, both in Fortnite and in the movie, the swimming technique is the same.

#3 – Bus Driver

Fortnite is also home to several memes that make their way onto the internet and, of course, in-game. One of the earlier memes started when players began to poke fun at how they could not thank the bus driver. Eventually, in 2018, Epic Games put in a feature to allow all players to thank the bus driver. It was a funny easter egg that has stayed around to this very day.

#2 – Default Dance

The default dance in Fortnite is popular, as almost everyone had it and was doing it to troll people. It even went on to become a viral sensation online in many different memes. What a lot of people didn’t know was that the actual dance was taken from the show Scrubs, a widely popular sitcom from 2001 to 2010. The original actor even came out to say how Epic Games stole it from him, making for some heated arguments. Overall though, it’s a great early easter egg.

#1 – The Shark

The Shark was one of the newer POI’s in Fortnite during Chapter 2 – Season 2 and had a lot of activity in it. Though it has been around for a long time, players might not have known that this location was based on another Epic Games video game.

While Season 2 was going on, Epic Games released another title called SpyJinx, which is where the original Shark Island is from. The POI looks identical in every way except for the house located in the middle, making for a cool easter egg.

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