Top 5 Fortnite Marvel characters who can defeat the Cube Queen 

Fortnite Marvel characters who can defeat Cube Queen in a few seconds (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite Marvel characters who can defeat Cube Queen in a few seconds (Image via Sportskeeda)

The leader of the Cubes has finally arrived on Fortnite Island. The Cube Queen is said to lead the Cubes and bring forth corruption to Fortnite. Her intention to completely destroy the island displays her strength and leadership.

Players have been wondering how to counter the Cube Queen. Some loopers suggest that Dr. Slone will be making some significant moves.

Others anticipate that Epic will release new characters to combat this villain. This has led to a lot of debate. Interestingly, many have wondered how Fortnite Marvel characters will fare against the Cube Queen.

This article will reveal five such Fortnite Marvel characters who can defeat the Cube Queen in a few seconds.

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Fortnite Marvel characters who can take down the Cube Queen

5) Wolverine


Defeating the Cube Queen will require extreme precision and a lot of power. The criteria fits perfectly with the abilities possessed by Wolverine.

The human mutant possesses extreme strength and stamina along with superhuman senses that make him a lethal force. With accelerated healing powers and retractable claws, Wolverine is one of the best Fortnite Marvel characters to combat the Cube Queen in Fortnite.

4) Thor

The Asgardian is the next one on the list who can take down Cube Queen in a few seconds.

Thor Odinson, along with his mythical hammer Mjolnir, is a match made in heaven. Mjolnir can manipulate the weather and bring in waves of thunder to completely annihilate the enemy. Mjolnir's abilities, coupled with Thor's superhuman strength, can finish off the bout against Cube Queen mere moments.

3) Thanos


Thanos single-handedly defeated the Avengers and escaped with all the Infinity Stones. Therefore, it'd be a sin to raise suspicion over his combat abilities. Apart from having strength and stamina, Thanos is also an excellent strategist and can literally defeat the Cube Queen with one snap of his fingers.

2) Captain America

Leaving Captain Steve Rogers off the list would be a massive error. The patriotic soldier led the Avengers to success and can easily take down the Cube Queen.

Captain America's superhuman strength and tactics along with his shield will make combat a cakewalk.

Accelerated healing will also give him an edge over the mysterious Cube Queen in Fortnite.

1) Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel vs the Cube Queen will be an iconic fight if it ever happens in Fortnite. The two would certainly tussle, but it wouldn't take more than a few seconds for the former to gain victory.

Her agility and energy blasts are the two most significant factors in the fight. Needless to state, the Cube Queen will have no chance against Captain Marvel.

Note:- This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.

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