Top 5 Fortnite pros who were caught cheating and consequently banned

FaZe Jarvis after he was banned in Fortnite (Image via Jarvis/YouTube)
FaZe Jarvis after he was banned in Fortnite (Image via Jarvis/YouTube)

Cheating in Fortnite has been heavily looked down upon by Epic Games. Unlike several other battle royale games where hackers run rampant, Epic has ensured that it sets examples by bringing down the ban hammer on all hackers.

When professional players hack, it sets an extremely bad precedent. It might end up motivating casual players to follow in their footsteps. Naturally, given the influence of professional players on others, Epic has never let them get away with hacking in Fortnite.

There have been several instances where Epic Games has caught professional players hacking in Fortnite. Regardless of their popularity, the developers have strictly dealt with this by giving them lifetime bans.

Most popular professional Fortnite players who got banned for cheating

Fortnite pros have been banned for several reasons in the past. Ranging from cheating by hacking or teaming, Epic hasn't spared any offense.

5) Zaccubus

In a rare instance, Fortnite banned Zaccubus for teaming in a solo game. Such bans are extremely hard to come by, which makes Zaccubus' ban very interesting. The player joined a solo match with his friend and asked him to land as far away from him as possible.

The moment Zaccubus and his friend came across each other, they decided not to engage and went their separate ways. Epic Games felt this wasn't in the spirit of the competition and banned the pro player for cheating in Fortnite.

4) Paperclip

The NA East DreamHack Online Open Finals in October gained a lot of attention due to a pro Fortnite player being banned live. Former Team Vanish player Paperclip, a.k.a. "chris p bacon," got the ban message two games into the Finals.

@KquidFN You can come back to fortnite just have to play on a new account like paperclip

Paperclip claimed that he did not hack during the tournament. Instead, he used an aimbot in pubs a few days ago. However, regardless of when the player had hacked, Epic Games decided to hand him the ban hammer for hacking in Fortnite.

3) TakenedTV

The content creator and pro player Takened decided to take up cheating as he was considering quitting the battle royale game. This happened before the Solo Cash Cup in September, earlier this year. However, Epic Games banned the player for downloading cheats on his computer.


When Epic found out that Takened had been cheating, they turned Takened's ban into a permanent one. Surprisingly, even after his ban, Takened continued to hack in Fortnite on his alt account in order to earn money through content creation.

2) Kquid

Kquid was hailed as a Fortnite prodigy following his win in the Fortnite Championship "Grand Finale". However, it all came falling when he was caught hacking while livestreaming.

The real reason why Kquid was banned...

Epic Games banned Kquid indefinitely for cheating in Fortnite. The 14-year-old player destroyed the hopes of several other younger pros who wished to follow in his footsteps.

1) FaZe Jarvis

The notorious ban of FaZe Jarvis will always be the most popular Fortnite ban of all time. Given his popularity, when he tried to make a video while hacking, he came on the radar instantly and was banned. Hilariously, Jarvis tried streaming Fortnite close to the anniversary of his ban as he was banned for a second time within 15 minutes.


Epic Games maintains its reputation for being extremely strict when it comes to banning cheaters in Fortnite. Therefore, the news of pro players cheating in the battle royale game is lesser as compared to other games.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

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