Top 5 vehicle mods that players would love to see in Fortnite Chapter 3

"Here in my car, I feel safest of all." (Image via derieri_purity_/Twitter)
"Here in my car, I feel safest of all." (Image via derieri_purity_/Twitter)
Matthew Wilkins

Fortnite is a game with endless possibilities. If it can be dreamt, it can be implemented in-game. This has allowed developers to add in some weird and wacky gizmos over the years.

However, they outdid themselves in Chapter 2 Season 6, with the introduction of vehicle mods. Although only a tire mod was introduced to the game, the mechanics now exist. This can be expanded upon to incorporate numerous other vehicle mods in the future.

Vehicle mods are now in #fortnite! Let us know if you like them or not!

Fortnite Chapter 3: What vehicle mods would players fancy?

5) Vehicle shield

Fortnite #chapter3 Vehicle mod wishlist:1)Armored car(More health to car)2)Shield bubble for car(10-15 seconds of no damage to car)3)Nitro4)water tires?Wheels that allow car to move on water but after 20-45 seconds the wheels pop?(idk about this one but yep)

Shields are great in Fortnite. They absorb damage from projectiles. Without them, gunfights will end a lot sooner than they do now. Which brings up the question, "If players can have shields, then why can't vehicles?"

Shields would work amazingly for vehicles. It would enable cars to soak up a lot more damage before being destroyed. Additionally, players within the vehicle won't take damage from gunfire. However, they could still take fire and fall damage.

4) Harpoon gun

I'm loving the harpoon in Mad Max

The harpoon in Fortnite allows players to catch fish in a jiffy. It can also be used during combat. Even though it's rather tricky to aim and shoot, it can be lethal if done correctly.

Turning this into a vehicle mod would be highly beneficial. It could be used to destroy enemy defences and yank opponents towards the vehicle. Additionally, it could even be used for a bit of fishing now and then.

3) Mounted turret

Concept I had commissioned for the upcoming "Mounted Turret Vehicle". Could very much be for creative mods or something else! #Fortnite@VastBlastt & @itzkrypt_

Stationary turrets play a huge role in Chapter 2 Season 8. If used correctly, players can mow down an entire team with ease. However, they have one limitation - lack of mobility. Once an opponent is out of range, turrets become useless.

This being the case, why not have a turret mod for vehicles? While it won't be as powerful as fixed turrets, players can use them to rush the enemy's defences or provide fire support.

2) Additional armour


Vehicles don't offer much protection from heavy projectiles. Players can still take damage, and tires can be shot off. Eventually, there are only two options left - get out of the vehicle and build for protection or blow up with it.

This is where an armour mod for vehicles would come in handy. This will enable the vehicle to absorb more damage. Additionally, it could even protect the tires from gunfire.

1) Larger fuel tank

馃殫 Daily Discussion | 5/21/21 馃殫If you could create ANY type of vehicle modification for Fortnite, what would it be and what vehicles would this modification be for?Personally, I just want a modification that allows me to have extra fuel on all vehicles.

One of the main problems with vehicles is not having enough fuel. Even though players can carry fuel tanks or use gas pumps to top up, it's not a practical solution. This is where the fuel tank mod would come in handy.

Players could fill 2x the normal amount of fuel in the vehicle, enabling it to run longer. Additionally, the vehicle would double as a bomb. It could be rammed into enemy defences and blown up.

Note: The list is in no particular order. The article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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