Top 5 Cheaters in Esports who were caught red-handed

Worst Cheating scandal in Esports history!
Worst Cheating scandal in Esports history!

Almost all popular 'Esports' video games nowadays are filled with cheaters and hackers. While games such as Fortnite and CS:GO have a pretty massive 'cheats' problem, even newer Esports games like Valorant are struggling to cope up with the menace.

In the past, we have talked about some of the biggest cheating scandals in games such like Fortnite and CS:GO. It is no secret that various big names in the gaming industry have also been caught in cheating scandals in the past.

These cases are more severe than the random hackers and cheaters you meet in multiplayer lobbies. This is because in most these cases, players are garnering a huge fortune off the games they play.

Regardless, in this article, we look at the five worst cheaters in the history of Esports.

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Top 5 worst cheaters in the history of Esports

Azubu Frost vs TSM

This incident happened during the League of Legends, Season 2 'World Championships' that were held back in October 2012. The Esports tournament was obviously being streamed for thousands of fans throughout the world.

During the quarterfinals, members of the Azubu Frost Esports team kept looking at the audience’s screen which was visible to both the teams because of the stage’s setup.

This allowed them to know where exactly other TSM members were on the map. After the game, TSM players accused Azubu Frost of cheating. The scandal concluded with a $30,000 fine that was levied on Azubu Frost for cheating. You can watch the incident below.


Nick Eh 30 and David Morgan

Nick Eh 30, whose real name is Nicholas Amyoony is a Canadian YouTuber and Fortnite pro who was caught cheating in a charity Esports tournament. The tournament’s rules stated that players had to land in specific locations so as to maintain healthy competition between gamers.

However, the rules also stated that for a player’s first offence, he would only get a warning. As it turned out, Nick Eh 30 knew this, cheated in the tournament, and was let off with just a warning. He was even caught discussing the whole situation with his partner.

You can watch the incident below.


FaZe Jarvis

We have in the past talked about FaZe Jarvis, who has managed to recreate a career as a lifestyle YouTuber after his permanent ban from Epic Games. The streamer was caught experimenting with an Aimbot on live stream.

He made an alternate account, and said that he wanted to see for himself whether Fortnite’s new anti-cheat system works or not.

As it turned out, it was working. Further, he received a permanent ban for his experiment! This proved to be one of the most talked about Esports cheating scandals of all time. You can watch the entire incident below.



This incident is dubious, to say the least. Shaiiko was a French Professional Rainbow Six Seige player who was quickly rising to the top of the gaming scene. However, during a match against Penta, another notable professional, Pengu accused Shaiiko of cheating.

Image Credits: liquipedia
Image Credits: liquipedia

As it turns out, investigation revealed that Shaiiko was pressing the number key ‘4’, continuously during the match. This led to suspicion, and subsequently to a two year ban for Shaiiku.

However, once the ban was over, Shaiiko returned to the Esports gaming scene at the Dreamhack Montreal 2019, where he absolutely dominated proceedings and would have won the tournament with better support. Since then, Shaiiko has been arguably better than before, and the Esports cheating scandal appears left behind.


This particular incident threw the entire CS:GO gaming scene in disarray, back in 2014. KQLY was one of the most impressive French CS:GO gamers, and won multiple tournaments. This included the Electronic Sports World Cup 2013.

Image Credits: EgameTube
Image Credits: EgameTube

However, KQLY, whose real name is Hovik Tovmassian, got a VAC ban, which is an automated system that detects and tracks cheats on a user’s computer. While nobody was sure which exact cheat KQLY used, the incident was enough for people to start questioning a number of other top CS:GO gamers. You can watch the incident, along with the others mentioned above in the video below.


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