What is Wolfscent in Fortnite? Ability & uses explained

Beware the wolf in the night! (Image via Twitter/MightyMishok)
Beware the wolf in the night! (Image via Twitter/MightyMishok)

Howler Claws are a new mythic item added to Fortnite for Fortnitemares 2022. Although they aren't as sharp as Wolverine's Claws, players can use them to slice and dice through opponents with ease. However, what makes them unique is their Wolfscent ability.

So what is Wolfscent in Fortnite? Well, in short, it's an ability that allows players to keep track of their opponents in battle. It endows them with special powers that will give them an edge in close-range combat.

Wolfscent gives players the ability to easily spot their opponents in Fortnite

Become the creature your foes fear most with the Howler Claws.

The Wolfscent ability/power can only be used by those who have obtained Howler Claws. Once activated, opponents will be highlighted and can be sensed behind structures.

To an extent, this mythic item gives players the ability to see through walls and spot targets with ease. However, it does not add any combat buffs or bonuses. While the ability's/power's name may suggest that it provides additional damage or movement speed, that's not true. It's only a recon-based ability/power that provides tactical information.

Once used, the Wolfscent effect lasts for 10 seconds and takes 20 seconds to recharge after being activated. Those familiar with Bloodhound from Apex Legends won't take long to figure out how it works and use it to maximum efficiency.

How to get Wolfscent in Fortnite

Howler Claws allow you to hunt your enemies from afar with a howling tracker. Make the chase and slash them down!

While Bloodhound comes equipped with their own version of Wolfscent called "Beast of the Hunt," players in Fortnite will have to earn it.

To obtain Howler Claws and subsequently the Wolfscent ability/power, players will have to emote for a short time at the Alteration Altars.

These special locations were added to the map after the v22.20 update. Since nine of them can be interacted with, finding one will not be an issue. However, players should avoid the ones located in the Reality Tree.

With the POI now a hot-drop location, being eliminated after landing is a strong possibility. Furthermore, with so many obstacles to navigate and parkour over at the POI, even those who manage to obtain Howler Claws may not make it out alive.

Are Howler Claws worth using?


Considering that they come with an in-built recon ability/power that allows players to spot opponents, the answer is definitely yes. This alone can give anyone an edge in combat.

With the weapon inflicting 150 damage to structures and 35 to opponents in one foul swipe, it can mow down anything put in its path. Players are advised to approach the target by unconventional means when using Howler Claws.

Charging head-first into an opponent with an SMG or shotgun is not the smartest thing to do. While greenhorns may tuck tails and run, experienced loopers will stand their ground and open fire with extreme prejudice.

Nevertheless, with a bit of timing and sneaking around, even the best of players can be taken by surprise. Once Howler Claws start to dig into their opponents, there's nowhere left to run or hide. Being eliminated is the only option left in most scenarios.

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