When is Fortnite Chapter 3 coming out? Expected release date, leaks, and more

All information related to Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via FriendlyMachine/Twitter)
All information related to Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via FriendlyMachine/Twitter)

The discussion around Fortnite Chapter 3 is getting stronger with each day. The ongoing season will be over in less than a month. Even though gamers anticipated the release of a few more seasons of Chapter 2, the chances are bleak.

Fortnite Chapter 1 had ten seasons, so loopers were hopeful that the developers would extend Chapter 2 for a few more seasons. However, several leaks from designated sources and top-tier data miners have revealed Epic Games plans to implement a new season in December.

The news is huge, and users are eagerly waiting to get meaningful information under one roof.

Fortnite Chapter 3: All details recapped

Release date

@iFireMonkey @iFireMonkey one of the epic employees emailed me this response back, you think this is a typo? "The Current Chapter"

It is customary for users to learn in advance about the release date of anything, be it an update or the arrival of a new in-game item. It is no surprise that the Fortnite community has been bombarded with queries regarding the release date of Chapter 3.

The leaks that have been coming out recently suggest that Epic will release a new chapter as soon as Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 gets over. Since the Cubed-themed season will be over on December 5, it is anticipated that Fortnite Chapter 3 will drop just after that, so December 6 could be the stipulated date.


Players will recall a few days delay when Fortnite was transitioning from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2. The same scenario can occur, and they may have access to Chapter 3 somewhere around December 10.

Fortnite Chapter 3 leaks

I saw the recent theories. And tbh I wouldn’t even mind if this was the Chapter 3 map. A lot of uniqueness but without the clutter, since the biomes and such are separated(The multiple islands concept are kinda weird but oh well)(Second photo credit: @MolentroL )

Speculations began with data miners reporting an update from Epic Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard. Apparently, he changed his Twitter cover image, which showed the Zero Point and Agent Jones walking nearby.

Yesterday, Tabor Hill made a prediction on where the Chapter 3 Island could be, so here's the theory:The Flipside is the actual world above the The BridgeTabor also mentioned how he won't say anything else and that the clues are all in front of our faces 👀

There was water above the location, which led gamers to believe that this was an underground POI and the Chapter 3 map was above the water.

Creative concept artists are also at work regarding the probable map for Fortnite Chapter 3. One such concept map has gone viral, and players have also taken a keen interest in it.

NEW DONALD MUSTARD BANNER!!And the bio is "Reality Zero"

The leaked Chapter 3 concept map reveals a new island with several islets scattered over an area. The major POIs on this map are from previous seasons, so loopers may see the return of some popular POIs like Tilted Towers.

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