Where to find the Combat Assault Rifle in Fortnite

Epic Games has unvaulted the Combat Assault Rifle in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 (Image via Epic Games)
Epic Games has unvaulted the Combat Assault Rifle in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 (Image via Epic Games)

Epic Games has unvaulted the Combat Assault Rifle in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. The development team has released a big loot pool change with the v21.20 hotfix on Tuesday, July 12.

In its official blog post, Epic Games stated:

"Wield C.A.R.'s and spend some Bars! In this week’s hotfix, the Combat Assault Rifle drops in to kick things up a notch, and deep discounts hit Character services."

With the Hammer Assault Rifle and the Striker Burst Assault Rifle, the unvaulted weapon will have serious competition in terms of mid-range weapons.

The Fortnite development team recently released weapon balance changes as well, so the Combat Assault Rifle was unvaulted at just the right time.

Where to find the Combat Assault Rifle in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

The Combat Assault Rifle comes in many different rarities and is far from an exclusive weapon. The rifle can be found in many different loot sources, including floor loot and chests.

Players who are lucky enough can get higher rarities of this weapon from Mythic Saplings or from Supply Drops. However, it will mostly be obtained from common loot sources.

It is important to note that the unvaulted assault rifle will not be available in Competitive mode.

Battle Royale v21.20 Hotfix includes the unvaulted Combat Assault Rifle and Bargain Bin Weekend – deep discounts on Character…

The assault rifle has tight spread and incredible damage, although its recoil makes it very difficult to use at long range. In terms of damage and recoil, it is very similar to the Hammer Assault Rifle, the new weapon added in the current season.

This Fortnite weapon was first added to the game during Chapter 2 Season 8. It was funded through Funding Stations and added to the game, but it has not become a popular weapon.

The Combat Assault Rifle is one of the fastest assault rifles in the history of the game. It shoots nine bullets per second, and its damage goes from 19 for Common (gray) rarity to 23 for the Legendary (gold) variant.

The weapon uses First Shot Accuracy, which makes it deadly in the right hands.

Other changes that have come with the update

Besides bringing the Combat Assault Rifle back, Epic Games has also announced the Bargain Bin weekend. During this weekend, the price of NPC services will be reduced by 50%.

In the same blog post, Epic revealed:

"Enjoy a deep discount with Bargain Bin Weekend as Character services are half off! Talk to a Character on the Island and shed your stash of Bars on a cool Exotic item, seeing the next Storm circle location, or hiring a Character to watch your back in a firefight — who said you couldn’t buy friends?"

The weekend starts on Friday, July 15, at 9 AM Eastern Time and ends on Monday, July 18.

Did someone say shopping spree? Bargain Bin Weekend kicks off this Friday, July 15, at 9 AM ET and lasts until Monday, July 18, at 9 AM ET. While you’re making it rain, check out your Daily Quests for new Bars-related objectives and snag some XP!

Aside from these amazing discounts, players will also receive new objectives in Daily Quests that will reward them with Gold Bars and XP. The Bargain Bin Weekend will be disabled in Competitive playlists.

Epic Games will release the v21.30 update on Tuesday, July 19. This will be another major update and will bring a lot of new things to the video game.

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