Who is the best Fortnite player as of 2022? 

Best Fortnite players in the world (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best Fortnite players in the world (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Fortnite competitive community contains some of the most talented esports athletes in the world. The game is prominent in several regions of the world, with each country having its own marvels.

Naturally, close competition among pros leads to heated arguments between their fans. While some claim that FNCS victories should settle the debate surrounding the 'best Fortnite player', others pay more attention to factors like prize money and consistency.

With that in mind, here's why we believe that Kyle 'Bugha' Giersdorf is the best Fortnite player as of 2022.

A peek into Bugha's illustrious career as a Fortnite pro

There are several factors like consistency, wins, and prize money that help in asserting that a certain player is the 'best.' A player who can proudly talk about his World Cup victory, FNCS wins, earnings, and consistency is none other than Bugha.

It all started with Bugha winning the World Cup in 2019. Despite competing with 99 of the most talented players in the world, he dominated the tournament and bagged 59 points. The fact that runner-up Psalm had 33 points proved that Kyle was miles ahead of everyone.


Bugha earned 3 million USD by winning the World Cup Solos. Ever since, he's solidified his place as the highest earning Fortnite pro. Moreover, he's won the FNCS three times with different teammates. During Chapter 2, he placed in the top 5 of the FNCS tournaments thrice.

Apart from these major tournaments, Giersdorf has won a plethora of Cash Cups that have helped him in making a fortune.

Big names in the Fortnite community have appreciated Bugha time and again, and he now boasts millions of followers from around the world.

@bugha @MeroFN Congrats Bugha!! No matter what meta, you’re always on top. Perfect example of Fortnite being about skill not RNG!
@bugha @MeroFN the goat no discussion

Hence, it won't be an overstatement to call Bugha the best player in the world. The likes of Arkhram, benjyfishy, Mongraal, TaySon, Mero, EpikWhale, Zayt, and Aqua are strong contenders for the title, but Bugha's career is unmatched.

Bugha reclaimed the trust of fans by winning the FNCS in Chapter 3 Season 1

In the online world, success is often accompanied by irrelevant criticism and hate speech. Bugha is no exception, as many called his World Cup victory a fluke and claimed that he won't be consistent. Others claimed that his career as a Fortnite pro won't last long and he will switch to Valorant soon.

Anybody realize bugha is almost the best player in two games at once (fortnite and valorant)
Bugha thinks he can go pro in valorant or something 💀

Amidst such dubious claims about his talent, Bugha remained unaffected and shocked the haters by winning three FNCS titles consecutively (FNCS Trios Grand Finals Chapter 2, Season 8, FNCS Trios Grand Royale Finals Chapter 2, Season 8, FNCS Duos Grand Finals Chapter 3, Season 1).

1ST PLACE DUO FNCS ($130,000) @MeroFN 💙

Pro player Phzin has won four FNCS tournaments in a row as well, but it is important to note that he plays in Brazil. On the flip side, Bugha plays in NA East, which is the most challenging server to play.

This explains why Bugha is the only professional player to have his Icon Series skin in Fortnite. His popularity on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter is a result of his impeccable skills and talent.


Now that Chapter 3 Season 2 is live, Bugha is one of the most prominent candidates to win the upcoming FNCS. If Epic Games brings back the World Cup this year, it wouldn't be a surprise if he retains the title in a dominant manner.

Players like Bugha inspire others to take up esports as a profession. They've changed the stigma of gaming being a useless hobby, and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Edited by Saman

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