"Why does this exist?" - PewDiePie unimpressed with the latest Fortnite x Naruto collaboration

PewDiePie expresses his displeasure towards the Fortnite x Naruto collaboration (Image via Sportskeeda)
PewDiePie expresses his displeasure towards the Fortnite x Naruto collaboration (Image via Sportskeeda)
Riddhima Pal

Naruto is the latest in a long list of pop culture elements that Fortnite has collaborated with, but PewDiePie is not a fan. The popular Epic Games battle royale is well known for its various collaborations, such as Ariana Grande, Halo, and even Marvel in the recent past.

While most people seem to love these collaborations, some, like PewDiePie, wish that some of these collaborations never existed.

"Fortnite is ruining everything that I love!"

PewDiePie believes the Fortnite x Naruto collaboration should never have existed

In a recent livestream, speaking of the latest Fortnite collaboration, PewDiePie expressed his extreme displeasure towards Naruto in Fortnite. In plain terms, he explained that the very idea of Master Chief from Halo fighting against Naruto was very bizarre.

"The thing is, like, alright, Master Chief. Sure, I loved Halo as a kid. Who didn’t? We all did. But at least he had a gun, right? Cut to this."

In a true PewDiePie style rant, the streamer explained how Fortnite was ruining everything he loved. Starting from Superman to Halo, Epic Games Battle Royale is now coming for Naruto as well. He explained how much he loved Naruto as a child, but the collaboration with Fortnite did not seem to be up his alley.

"They took Superman. They took Master Chief. And now, they’ve come for my boy Naruto! Why? Why does this exist? Who asked for this?"

The streamer then aggressively talked about how the brand was mocking high fashion and how its Balenciaga collaboration was charging a lot of money for a white hoodie with a Fortnite logo.

While most of the remarks PewDiePie made were sarcastic, his thoughts have been echoed by many in the community, who are also getting fed up with Fortnite's long list of collaborations. However, most of the Fortnite community seems to enjoy it, so there's no reason for the Battle Royale title to stop anytime soon.

Fortnite x Naruto has been available to play within the title since November 17.

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