5 best Free Fire characters to pair with Chrono after OB34 update

The best characters to pair with Chrono in Garena Free Fire after the OB34 update (Image via Garena)
The best characters to pair with Chrono in Garena Free Fire after the OB34 update (Image via Garena)
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Garena Free Fire is among titles that test users' skill-set regarding movement, aiming, control over weaponry, et cetera. However, the presence of characters makes Garena Free Fire a more RPG-like title and demands strategy-based gameplay.

Players can readily outperform their opponents in the initial ranks by showcasing their skill-set. As the tier increases, many enemies with exemplary strategy-based play5styles grow. Thus, after a tier like Heroic, the use of a decent character becomes crucial.

Hence, whenever players are targeting to rank up in the game in either Battle Royale or Clash Squad, they should equip a potent character skill like Alok, Skyler, K, Wukong, Xayne, Chrono, et cetera. The game also provides an option to create a character combination.

Disclaimer: The article reflects the author's personal views, and the characters in the following list are not listed in any particular order. Moreover, the attributes mentioned below each character are at the lowest level of the respective abilities.

Change in Chrono's ability after Garena Free Fire OB34 update

Almost all active users have updated their games after Garena launched the recent OB34 version on 25 May 2022. The latest patch update has brought plenty of new optimizations to the game, and the character section has not been left untouched.

Among the most notable balance changes that players witnessed in the OB34 version were for characters like Alok, Skyler, Kenta, Wukong, Xayne, and many more. The CR7 character of Free Fire, Chrono, also received a buff related to his cooldown.

Chrono's ability remains the same, i.e., players can activate the "Time Turner" to deploy a force field (shield) around the character. The shield withholds a maximum of 800 damage while hindering the users' ability to shoot from inside, and the effects last for four seconds (first level).

However, after the OB34 version, Chrono's ability received the following change in cooldown at different ability levels:

  • Level 1: 180 seconds to 160 seconds
  • Level 2: 164 seconds to 150 seconds
  • Level 3: 150 seconds to 140 seconds
  • Level 4: 138 seconds to 130 seconds
  • Level 5: 128 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Level 6: 120 seconds to 110 seconds

Although Chrono's buff is not as monumental as some other balance changes, it is still a slight advantage for the gamers who use the CR7 character in Free Fire. Players can further use at most three skills (passive) with Chrono (active) to enhance the strategic benefits in a match.

Most potent characters in Garena Free Fire to pair with Chrono after the recent buff (OB34 update)

1) Moco

  • Duration of tagging the enemies: Two seconds
  • Price: 399 diamonds or LINK system for free

Chrono provides a shield that works as a temporary gloo wall. However, when the duration of "Time Turner" ends, players are forced to fight the enemies and return fire. Usually, users can hit opponents.

If players use Moco during a Free Fire match, they can tag such enemies on the minimap. Moco's "Hacker's Eye" tags the enemies shot for a duration, clarifying their exact location.

  • Increase in duration due to "Elite Moco": Two seconds
  • Price: Free (unlockable via Awaken missions)

One can enhance tagging time by a specific duration once they have unlocked Moco's Awakened state "Enigma's Eye." The information regarding the foe's location is also shared with the teammates.

2) Otho

  • Range of Memory Mist: 25 meters
  • Price: 499 diamonds or LINK system for free

Otho has a similar ability to Moco, which reveals the location of enemies. However, users need to eliminate an enemy first to employ Otho's passive ability Memory Mist.

Once users have eliminated an opponent, the location of other enemies within a specific range gets revealed. Furthermore, the Memory Mist skill shares this information with the allies.

Thus, Otho is a helpful character who cautions the gamers regarding their next move after killing off a foe in a Free Fire/Free Fire MAX match.

3) Thiva

  • Increase in rescue (help-up) speed: 15%
  • HP recovery in five seconds: 25 HP
  • Price: 599 diamonds or LINK system for free

Thiva, based on Like Mike of DJ duo DVLM, is a surprisingly exceptional passive ability character who can easily make it to the list of underrated choices in Garena Free Fire. His "Vital Vibes" skill enhances the rescue speed of players significantly.

If someone from players or their allies is using Thiva, they can avail themselves of swift revivals (help-ups), and after the rescue, they get a gain in HP of a specific amount of points within five seconds.

The revival capabilities of Thiva go pretty well with Chrono, making him an ideal option to pair up with the CR7 Free Fire character.

4) Maxim

  • Reduction in consumption time of Mushrooms and Medkits: 15%
  • Price: 299 diamonds (store) or LINK system for free

Maxim is a brilliant secondary option in any character combination of the game. Thus, he automatically becomes a suitable character to pair with Chrono due to his enhanced healing capabilities.

One can use Mushrooms (source of EP) and Medkits (HP) at faster rates when using Maxim. Thus, players employing Chrono's Time Turner skill can benefit from Maxim's Gluttony to a great extent.

5) Kapella

  • Increase in the effect of healing items: 10%
  • Reduction in HP loss of allies when downed: 20%
  • Price: 499 diamonds (store) or LINK system for free

The final entry on this list is Kapella, who assists users regarding their healing capabilities. Kapella's Healing Song skill enhances the effects of healing skills (of other character abilities in combination) and medical equipment.

When players are not availing themselves of an increase in healing effects, they can provide a reduction in HP loss of knocked down teammates.

Players should note that they will need diamonds, which cost real money, to unlock each character from the in-game store. However, they can use the LINK system to procure each ability by reaching higher with the LINK progress for each character.

Note: The government of India banned Free Fire as of February 2022. Thus, Indian gamers should download the MAX variant instead of accessing their game accounts.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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