5 best Free Fire MAX characters to use for Factory Challenge in April 2022

These characters are good for the Factory Challenge mode in Free Fire MAX (Image Sportskeeda)
These characters are good for the Factory Challenge mode in Free Fire MAX (Image Sportskeeda)

When it comes to fun challenges in Free Fire MAX, the Factory Challenge is perhaps the most entertaining in-game. Fifty players descend onto the Factory Roof and only one emerges victorious.

Given the circumstances, winning a round in this challenge is next to impossible. With so many players packed together in one location, most players will not survive for over a few minutes. Nevertheless, by using a few good characters, they may be able to improve their odds of winning.


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5) Wukong


Wukong is a master when it comes to deceit and deception. Using his ability, Camouflage, he can transform into a bush. This makes him harder to shoot at since the hit-box size is drastically reduced.

Using the character carefully will allow players to maintain a low profile and avoid being spotted in combat. With a bit of luck and slick maneuvering, they'll be safe and out of harm's way.

4) Antonio


Although Antonio is no good in the normal battle royale mode, he comes into use in the Factory Challenge. His ability, Gangster's Spirit, grants him a bonus HP of 10 at the start of the match.

Since the Factory Challenge does not usually last for very long, this bonus HP at the start will be rather useful. Players will be able to take a few hits without having to worry.

3) Kla


When it comes to fist-fights in Free Fire MAX, there is no one better than Kla for the task. His ability, Muay Thai, allows him to deal 100% extra damage with his bare hands.

If players are able to close the gap between their opponents, they'll deliver devastating blows with ease. Without basic armor for protection, the enemy will not last long in the fight.

2) A124


Following the OB33 update, A124 received a major upgrade in Free Fire MAX. Her ability, Thrill Of Battle, makes her the perfect character to be tossed into close-range combat in the Factory Challenge.

Once her ability is activated, all opponents within an 8-meter radius will lose the ability to use their active skills. This lasts for 20 seconds, during which time they'll be left defenseless.

1) Joseph


Joseph may have a calm and casual disposition, but he's no stranger to battles. His ability, Nutty Movement, allows him to move faster upon taking damage in combat.

While the tactical uses are limited, on Factory Roof, the ability can help him navigate dangers and bypass enemy attacks. With a bit of skill and luck, most damage can be avoided.

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